10 Richest High School Dropouts

10 Richest High School Dropouts

top 10 people who became rich without a high school diploma
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In our years of growing up, we were constantly told that we needed to stay in school, graduate from high school, and go to college. These are all ingredients for a recipe that leads to living a successful life after our education is over. If we drop out or don’t go to college, society tells us that we are doomed to low paying jobs and not a lot of success in life. However, there have been several people who have managed to become wealthy regardless of having a college degree. But, there is something even worse than dropping out of college, and that is dropping out of high school. High school gives us our most basic education and information that is needed to live outside of school. Most people without a high school education are reduced to general labor jobs or working in fast food because it’s general and simple enough to not need any background or special skills for.
The people in this video have defied the stereotype and managed to become filthy rich regardless of dropping out of high school. These people have started brands and major industries that we all know today, and the creators behind them didn’t even have a general education. But when you’re as rich as these people, the real question is, who cares? Why even bother getting that extra education when you’re already rolling in the dough? These people certainly didn’t and they’re laughing all the way to the bank without their high school diploma.

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20 Responses

  1. Alvaro Gaming / TEVY says:

    Why are FaZe Rain and Eminem not on this list?

  2. McJuggerNugget1 says:

    Good stuff how about Bill gates though lol?

  3. mick joey says:

    made at 4:00pm

  4. video smasher says:

    can you subscribe to my channel I will do back

  5. Ronit Sutar (super-star gamer) says:

    they forgot the most famous one bill gates

  6. Amy Westorbry says:

    why do they all dtop out at 15 it is wered conspirasy theory time?

  7. risto janakiev says:

    u forget bill gates and gaben .

  8. DaHustler6_6 says:

    all of them dropped out during their freshman-Sophomore year.

  9. SweatyPigeon1234 says:

    where is bill gates

  10. Jakov Krčadinac says:

    what about eminem?

  11. calambria100 says:

    I will never be a billionaire.. I would share it with other people…

  12. Zachary Moon says:

    High school diploma is a scam to hold you back. Just GED out and go to a
    community college. After your first job (if your a good worker) no employer
    is going to give 2 flying shits what you did in college.

  13. Jordan449 says:

    George Foreman lives less than a mile from me

  14. SlideGotFans says:

    And then there is the other 99% that work at McDonald’s…

  15. Darth Vader says:

    Uh, what about Walt Disney?

  16. Penguin DP says:

    Walt Disney, man?

  17. Patrick Nealon says:

    A lot of this had to do with striking while the iron is hot.

  18. Alex Jameson says:

    And then there’s me, with a refurbished $120 Toshiba laptop.

  19. Random Name says:

    I wish I was that smart or ingenuitive

  20. alex camarena says:

    so 15 seems to be a good number