10 Scarily Plausible TV Show Theories!

10 Scarily Plausible TV Show Theories!

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20 Responses

  1. AlphaGator9 says:

    HAHAHAHA – Love this… and it SO explains Gilligan.


    Thank god Matthews back

  3. OminousArtist says:

    THANK YOU for not noting the Ash Coma theroy for pokemon. I’m sick to death
    of that theory. It’s just way to depressing for me to swallow.

  4. john johnson says:

    nothing down here you just got trolled

  5. Di Zoeyz says:

    Nobody mentioned Simpsons theory that Homer is actually in coma and is
    reliving his memories,cause that would explain why their kids never grow
    and everything

  6. KB TV says:

    …also, Red Forman fought the Japanese NOT Koreans! Proof being that Red
    Forman once explained to Eric Foprman that his graduation from highschool
    took place during a battle at Okinawa

  7. Emily Byrne says:

    I wish you talked about Adventure Time! There’s so much back story and
    theories about that show!

  8. Zavien Franklin says:

    Matthew! What’s your outro song?

  9. Zeb Cheek says:

    Bubbles snapped.. that’s why the future of Samurai Jack’s world is

    Also: Have a Crabby Patty at the “Krusty Krab in Bikini Bottom”.. think
    about that for a bit.

  10. Harry Macm says:

    Why is snapchat in the description 2 times

  11. Annie Cieslukowski says:

    The Rugrat theory goes even farther. It says that Angelica’s mom died of an
    overdose, and afterward her dad remarried and that is where Sylvia comes
    in. Angelica always carried a doll witch represented her mother. Then at
    age 16 Angelica also died of an overdose. And get this Angelica’s friend
    just played along with her. Sorry for destroying your childhood.

  12. Derithon405 says:

    Ms. Frizzle = River Song…..

  13. Tyler Comeau says:

    What About Ash From Pokemon Getting Struck By Lightning In The First
    Episode And Him Being In A Coma For The Rest Of The Series And What About
    Spongebob Also Representing The 7 Sins? And Spongebob Being Part Of The
    Illuminati? No But Seriously In The New Spongebob Movie The Dolphin Aka
    Bubbles Is Wearing A Necklace With A Triangle And A Eye In The Middle of
    it. No Joke Look It Up 

  14. 09senor says:

    Like for Breaking Bad

  15. TheLawrence05 says:

    I am 22 and this video just touched my childhood in a perverted way that
    shouldnt have been touched! :o

  16. TheCjs314 says:

    That was on my b-day :D

  17. Chayton Moon says:

    People who make game of thrones theorys are people who dont read the books

  18. StarRite says:

    i had a dvd of Powerpuffgirls. when the two little serie parts had played,
    Samurai Jack started playing. hearing the theory reminded me of that.
    also.. Samurai Jack looks really Similar to the proffessor 

  19. LUVMUSIC5678 says:

    I see Ur collecting emoji pillows back there:) awesome

  20. Mohamed Chelbat says: