10 Shocking CIA Operations

10 Shocking CIA Operations

The CIA has used intelligence to keep America secure for almost 100 years. But during that time, they’ve planned some pretty disturbing operations.

From creating an army of spy cats to giving fake vaccinations to children, AllTime10s gives you 10 Shocking CIA Operations

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And Gun Culture by Terry Devine-King

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20 Responses

  1. Islam for life - Rush says:

    the american government is a threat to the world, you can really trust them

  2. ultimatejb7 says:

    It’s nice to know the CIA are above the law. People are targeted and
    imprisoned for the slightest things in the USA but people that commit major
    crimes such as the CIA and even the military don’t get persecuted at all.
    Where is the justice?

  3. riddlers91 says:

    Another conspiracy video. Time to leave this channel. The laziness in
    research is ever more noticable.

  4. Al Capwn (Manners Maketh Man) says:

    Please do top 10 militaries or special forces!!!

  5. Kernel Panic says:

    Is Thoughty2 doing the narration here?

  6. Dylan Curtis says:

    That moment when you realize AllTime10s hates America because they’re still
    mad about the Revolutionary War.

  7. 20Aafiq says:

    they r bad people…

  8. Faisal .Shalash says:


  9. Santos says:

    Well everyone who watched this video , now has a cia virus

  10. Uwe12 says:

    CIA did 9/11

  11. Ege Erdem says:

    jfk also didnt approve isreal
    🙁 wish the assasination failed

  12. Jemma J says:

    typical of all us govs… this is still happening in the middle east, then
    they wonder why nations in these countries hate them

  13. Hisham PlayZ says:

    The kitty one got me dead ??? like really run over by a taxi!? ?

  14. pepoop930 says:

    Crashing this plan with no survivors

  15. SamuraiVader says:

    The CIA is Hydra

  16. momo lolo says:

    So Donald Trump was CIA’s plan.

  17. Elia Pym says:

    Where is Fact Wars?!?!

  18. Blue Spider says:

    Usa has always done bullshit to get to what they want and still be the
    “hero”, there is still bullshit happening now and in 10-15 years things
    will get exposed about stuff happening today being fake n planned. Wouldnt
    shock me if 9/11 was planned too just so they could invade middle east

  19. Panda_ Hunter456 says:

    Steel fuel can’t melt dank memes

  20. DaniStarEngland says:

    this is the sort of thing I would expect in a dystopian novel not real
    life. makes me worried what the British government would do because we’re
    happy to follow the Americans on most things