10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump!

10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump!

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20 Responses

  1. Troper H'ghar says:

    Matt… please do a video on how to become a Canadian citizen because god
    knows I’m not gonna keep living here come December

  2. Enrique R. DéZuardí says:

    you lost 500k subscriptions in 6 hours. was the cheap laugh worth it

  3. Razi Abou-Haidar says:

    next up, “10 000 things Hillary Clinton has lied about” or “1 million
    people that the Clintons have assassinated”

  4. Nate says:

    The sad thing is that there are 10k Trump supporters disliking this video.
    He doesn’t even support Hillary. Every Trump supporter ever just tries to
    block out all of the stupid things Trump says and does it’s disgusting.

  5. Dodo Christ says:

    How the fuck is any of this bias?


  6. StarDustGamer :3 :D says:

    Dose he even support trump??!?!?!? If Hilary becomes president then our
    country is going to fall apart

  7. LockChallenged says:

    Omfg HE WAS JOKING ABOUT DATING HIS DAUGHTER, if you don’t understand that
    you’re fucking an idiot

  8. Trucker Josh VLOGS says:

    I’m waiting for your next video about Hillary….

  9. Oliver Pelly says:

    Lol 8k dislikes, didn’t know trump fans had internet :/

  10. tye tygon says:

    All the Dislikes on this video are all idiot Trump lovers!!!

  11. 10987654321tyler1 says:

    Hmm shall we talk about Hillary? How she was on the side of a rapest, and
    even laughed when talking about the case. Or how she has said horible stuff
    about African Americans. The media is twisted and left sided, attacking
    Trump. Here is an example, when McCain was running for president the media
    went all crazy about his health and age. Now with Hillary the media is
    saying nothing. Im not going to unsubsribe for you having your opinion, if
    you would like to be a ignorant liberal be my guest. Lets Make America
    Great Again!

  12. Bha'al the Lord of Murder says:

    hey Matt, can you tell me some good places to live in Canada for 4 years?

  13. Celica is Best waifu says:


  14. Fuck says:

    Ahhh, the idiotic Hilary Clintion supporters in the comments make me
    cringe, I cannot wait for Trump to be president.

  15. Jon Fosmark says:

    matt you were abviously hate trump but you dont need to be a fucking
    douchebag you copying fucker

  16. Chloella 212 says:

    im Erouprian i still dont like him hes a fat little #*&!

  17. Jewfro says:

    When people say hillary is a liar, but in reality they are both insanely
    huge liars.

  18. Matthew Moore says:

    i dont see anything wrong with the first part, it’s just a dad joke

  19. josh bosh says:

    ur just jealous that he has hair

  20. Joseph Roth says:

    4 shocking things you didn’t know about hillary clinton!

    1. she actually managed to be less presidential than donald trump… wow.
    2. she is a lier… wait we know that
    3. she is racist… wait we know that
    4. she is not to be trusted… wait we know that