10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home

10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home

From killing weeds to shining your shoes, vinegar is one of the most useful things you can find around your home. Here are 10 awesome life hacks you can use to solve common problems with VINEGAR!
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  2. Moonlit Cresent says:

    HEY YOU!! YEA YOU, the one scrolling through the comments!! Have a nice
    day!! ( ˘ ³˘)❤ Stay Happy!!

  3. Kristin Ringstad says:

    vinegar can even get out the cigarette smell from furniture! it also can be
    mixed with witch hazel and lemon juice to help get rid of fleas, and
    vinegar and cold water helps take the burn out of a sunburn!

  4. PREPFORIT says:

    Your videos make all tasks easier.
    Thank you !!!

  5. mitsos13ps says:

    my parents should be watching ur channel and not me….

  6. Patty Tuck says:

    if my toothbrush looked any thing like that toothbrush, I think I would
    rather toss it and get a new one

  7. Tavo Garcia says:

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  8. Valerie Foster says:

    A delightfully clean crack ?

  9. Austin Tomasek says:

    it’d be really nice if you did a video on how to get rid of bed bugs I just
    found a huge infestation in my bed and curtains it’s like I had an ant
    mound of bed bugs in both places

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    use vinegar to clean an old toothbrush, but buy a new mattress ?? jk
    great video man

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