10 Snacks That Are EXTREMELY Rare!

10 Snacks That Are EXTREMELY Rare!

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Today on DOPE or NOPE we test out 10 strange or awesome snacks that you can’t buy in stores anymore! Let us know in the comments below which product you wish was still available!

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58 Responses

  1. Nicki Rivera says:

    Elvis liked peanut butter and banana sandwiches 🥪

  2. TeganR2708 says:

    Reese’s not Reesee’s

  3. Robert Rzepa says:

    In Europe whistle sweets (candies) aren’t rare 😶

  4. D Meh says:


  5. buddycat33 3116 says:

    the whistle lollipops are still made in England (and Chupa Chups is a sweet brand)

  6. Mr. Mayo says:

    2:22 3d Doritos
    4:42 bonkers banana
    7:01 dunkaroos cookies
    9:06 life savers holes
    11:01 Elvis reese’s
    12:37 chupa chups
    15:05 Mario cereal
    18:33 bell beefer
    20:28 peanut butter and jelly oreos
    21:57 wonder ball minis

  7. _Different but the same_ says:

    The melody lollipops are still available in Australia

  8. Sebastian Sandanger says:

    I am from norway

  9. MICHELLE ROSS says:

    I agree Matthuas, they have NOT perfected artificial banana flavoring

  10. Shmalimoo Ftw says:

    Its Matthias’s way because its Reese like the name its his peanut butter cups so its Reese’s not Re-seas

  11. Shelby Douglas says:


  12. Random Person says:

    They still sell dunkaroos in Walmart (I live in Canada)

  13. Scottysgameplay says:

    Dunkaroos are still around in Canada 🇨🇦

  14. Purser Brothers says:

    now matthias has 7 useless channel’s

  15. Osvaldo Olmedo says:

    Yea ok I’mma say it and I know everyone is thinking it, This channel is dying , nobody likes this new look to the channel, it was already bad when Tanner took over Bryan’s spot in the hot seat and it was awful when Bryan left, I liked it when like 4 different people sat in Bryan’s seat when they were looking for a new person in the hot seat, and they frickin picked Tanner over Sam , SMH

    • Osvaldo Olmedo says:

      All they do is laugh, it was better when it was just Matt and the camera those edits were so funny , now its just 3 dudes laughing together uncontrollably or speaking over each other

    • Osvaldo Olmedo says:

      And doesn’t Tanner have his own show , and isn’t that why Bryan left so shouldnt Tanner leave, Matt should find someone,just find someone better plz

    • J O' Connor says:

      I like it, you wanna watch Bryan go check out the crazy crew or team edge he’s on them. Changes happen and you either get used to it or you don’t but speak for yourself not on the behalf of others 😊

  16. luke the patato master says:

    Now I’m hungry😋😊😋😊

  17. The ZS99 says:

    Does he love in San Francisco or la

  18. KAKARTGAMING says:

    It is pronounced as Chupa Choops

  19. Jaida Ibarra says:

    Matthias “ Man I just vomited in my head “ 😂

  20. The Four Fabulous Friends says:

    I love the channel and the new changes to it make it that much better

    Notification squad!!

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