10 Strange Candies That Actually Taste Good!

10 Strange Candies That Actually Taste Good!

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Yo, what is up sweet thang. You want to see some more sweet thangs, except these ones look a little strange? Well, boy oh boy, did you come to the right place. Today on Dope or Nope we are looking at 10 Strange Candies That Actually Taste Good, and I really think you’re going to like what you see. Stay Sugary, friends.

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30 Responses

  1. DOPE or NOPE says:

    comment ‘sugar gang’ down below if you are all about that candy like we are. Yee yeeeeee


  2. cookie Queen says:

    Matthias disgust meter:

    1: oh no no

    2: AHHH

  3. Anahjah Booker says:

    Micheal making a mess for 24 minutes straight. ?

  4. Jack Wood says:

    Hi DOPE or NOPE whenever im sad i watch your videos and i laugh and cheer up thanks guys ? i’ve been watching since the channel was called Matthias, i love you guys

  5. Shwug says:

    Sugar gang

    Unicorn pee

    Marshmallow sadness

    No u

    To the power of unicorn poo

  6. KDC RunThat says:

    8:00 …..he said on video, he will give tanner the amount of views, divided by ten….. 111k (as of 3:44am central ) ÷ 10 = $11,100 bucks lmao oof

  7. SilentPawsteps says:

    “Gamers have good tongues.”
    -Tanner 2019

  8. Carla W says:

    I love Michael.
    Mike:”Don’t You Dare.”
    Kids: “Awe, come on… Yes dad.”

  9. Ruben A says:

    Matt: theres no camera between you guys and us, only a window.

    Tan: into my soul..

    Damn tannyboy, going a bit darker than the shirt you’re wearing innit?

  10. Saša Štrakl says:

    Sugar gang
    Unicorn pee
    Marshmallow sadness
    No u

    You’re welcome. You guys have the best words combined ever!!

  11. ll Dryxe60 ll says:

    Mathias i know im late but can you bring back
    “Buy or Deny”
    Atleast just one episode please i beg you

  12. BoyoBoy says:

    6:52 tanner UN-ironically predicted the earthquake in California. Psychic.

  13. Luigi NES 64 says:

    “Unicorn Pee”
    “Marshmallow Sadness”
    “No U”

    What’s the prize?

  14. Jr. Marshmallow says:

    Just imagine someone with that in a public placa and they are saying :-
    Tanner: oh! This urine bottle is too spicy!!!!!
    Michale: No!!! Its not its tasty!
    Mathais: ya! Michale is right this is toooooooo gooodd!
    The stranger: (thinking) *are they mental or weird!*

  15. Rachel Amber Everleigh says:

    “10 strange candies that actually taste good”

    “Ew this is disgusting”

  16. Ma Jack says:

    Tanner:“What’s on the back of your head?”
    Matt:“Uhh the rest of my head.”

  17. mc_jojo3 says:

    Unicorn pee
    Marshmallow sadness
    No u
    any of thoes will work
    just comment

  18. Anna Kraft says:

    You know you are a dedicated fan when you remember the ” Spicy Lotion” story from the Matthias vlogs. ?

  19. Jacob Denman says:

    Tanner: I grew up with no cell phone
    Me: oldest person ever

  20. Eshan Playz says:

    The title: 10 strange candies that are actually good!


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