10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Planet Earth

10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Planet Earth

top 10 scientific things you won’t believe about the world
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Over the years we’ve learned more and more about the planet we call home, Earth. We’ve explored the land masses, dove in the sea and even flew into the sky and viewed it from above. Despite all this, there’s still so much we don’t know. How deep are our oceans? What kinds of creatures live there? How does the rainforest affect us? What causes some of the incredible phenomenons we witness? What are we doing that affect the Earth? No matter how far science has come over the years, there’s still so much left to explore and discover. So many things we haven’t even imagined could be possible. With the billions of species of plants, animal and microscopic life on this planet of ours, it’s no wonder we haven’t seen it all yet. There are also quite a few examples of things we have dovered however, that are just not common knowledge. Here’s hoping we can change that.

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20 Responses

  1. Awesome Ninja says:

    there is 23 hours 54 mins and 4.1 second actually.

  2. crazy pitoguro says:

    even a 11 year old knew the 6 at least IDIOT

  3. Hockey Tommy GretzkyCrosby9987 says:

    is the earth flat

  4. cheffvv says:


  5. KingBenawesome 411 says:

    I knew all of them accept for the last one.

  6. Marion Kavanagh says:


  7. Freddy says:

    did u know that most of the planets money goes to a greedy people it the
    Rothschild bank

  8. Lane Potts says:

    I already knew all this

  9. Riceling says:

    “This anomaly”

  10. Alex Bradley says:

    wow thats amazing I had no idea on most of them

  11. tejpata jindabad says:

    u can see that the full of bangladesh is in forest area………….so why
    the survey’s say bd have only 17% forest in their land??

  12. Donna Markelionis says:

    ? loved it ty

  13. savage ._._.queen says:

    I knew it mermaids are real

  14. Joshua Gall says:

    Everything that orbits the earth is a satellite… that’s the definition of
    a satellite

  15. Jboylego says:

    so, you expect us to not know what we learned from science because its the
    middle of summer?

  16. Nadia Janousek says:

    I knew every one of these

  17. Chris Maatouk says:

    knew all of these?

  18. sanaya mcanuff says:

    I learned most of this in 6th grade

  19. Danni Liliac says:

    if a day is less then 24h in actuality, why does February have an extra day
    every 4 years?

  20. Will Burg says:

    This video is for idiots. It’s basically common middle school textbook
    information exaggerated.