10 Stubborn Homeowners Who REFUSED To Move Out

10 Stubborn Homeowners Who REFUSED To Move Out

top 10 unusual people who refused to leave their homes
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When new developments want to take over, they first have to appeal to those that own the land they want. Sometimes however that is easier said than done. The term ‘holdout’ refers to an owner or owners that refuse to sell or hold out for more money to be offered before they do. In some cases, they are just plain stubborn and stuck in their ways, refusing to move out no matter what is offered. In those cases developers have only a few options: keep trying or give up and come up with a workaround, sometimes literally. When this happens the houses are sometimes referred to as ‘nail houses’ because they refuse to be moved, as if nailed down into the ground.

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20 Responses

  1. Spotlight Starz says:

    These comments are racist.

  2. Random stranger says:

    If I refused to give way for construction firms to demolish my house for
    some shopping centre in my country, they’ll demolish my house over my

  3. Google Admin says:

    The story about the old lady willing her house pulled on my heart strings a

  4. Chantality says:

    What would you guys do if the story of the old lady willing her house
    happens to you?

  5. Илья Бакланов says:

    Same video as watchmojo’s…

  6. Sensation Of Peace says:

    Heroes not stubborn people… I love people with a strong spine.

  7. The Hornet says:

    Just make a park on the last guys home wtf

  8. Miguel Duque says:

    is the movie Up based on the house in 3:18

  9. Joseph Weidenhoff says:

    You say stubborn, I say strong willed.

  10. Harrison Issac says:

    wow so many chineeses

  11. Alexander Sharp says:

    If it’s your property why should you sell if you don’t want to.

  12. Hugo Valdez says:

    Asian people are stubborn AF!

  13. TamimMorshedKhan says:

    hello…. Guys #ComeAndSee Help Me To get 20+ #Subscribers
    #BeforeThisMonthEnd ^_^

  14. Hollis says:

    I had a dream that I was disgusted
    It was a scene where gold had rusted
    They took the homes of the people who trusted
    The one up high be he only lusted

    Things of material worth & gender
    Destroy all things that are pure & tender
    They took my homes and all of my gardens
    To build a tall building people could work in
    And now my family lives in the street
    With lots of pride but nothing to eat
    They took my dream and now you see what I mean
    All just because he wanted all the green

    They all have abandoned their hopes [x3]
    They’ve discarded their dreams

    Death to the corporate
    The yuppie scum cloud up the earth
    Shine people shine
    And never abandon your turf
    You must say “Oh no!”
    When the depression hand licks
    When the depression foot kicks
    And you’re locked in the dungeon
    When the keys gotten ridden of

    Sink in a tsunami of sadness
    Grab onto the key of gladness

    And don’t abandon your hopes for no one
    Even in the worst of situations
    Because in this society
    Which was not made for you or me so

    They all have abandoned their homes [x3]
    They’ve discarded their dreams

    Limitations and almost marshal law
    And robots with badges and quick draw
    Just lights and glitter and garbage underneath
    And the raging oppressed
    With razor sharp teeth

    They took him to the city jail
    Hail the conformist, Hail the bureaucrats
    Them Ah chase them homeless [x2]

    Rat Race City [x3]

    I pray the Lord my soul to take
    And the ground began to shake
    And the whirlybirds of death
    To light atop the skyscrapers
    To finish off all the rest

  15. What Ev says:


  16. Basem Omda says:

    peace and love from Egypt

  17. Trading PhotoS, Videos of Live EventS, AND MorE says:

    Stubborn Homeowners

  18. Silent Beauty says:

    The first ones awesome ?

  19. Blake Cromley says:

    Because I may be white, but I am no racist, I have no hatred.

  20. Minecraftnation420 says:

    Thanks for putting a big red circle on the screen. Otherwise, I would’ve
    missed it.