10 Thanksgiving Food Life Hacks

10 Thanksgiving Food Life Hacks

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20 Responses

  1. Roman UrsuHack says:

    OMG) Nice Hack)) foood food food))))

  2. Popmariokart10 says:

    Wow I didn’t know ice gets soggy

  3. cooksoff3109 says:


  4. Erik Maučec says:

    Now you grab a cheaps, dip it in and eat it, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  5. King Karl says:

    you grap a cheeps

  6. Derikimi says:

    life hack #1
    Cooking your turkey like a normal person

  7. Fabio Azevedo says:

    Tasty video

  8. GreenGrunt Salt says:

    0:06 .. what’s that behind him? look a the window or whatever it is..

    Tell me what it is :D

  9. Koen Twigt says:

    wtf are you going to do with all these carrots XD

  10. Jesse says:

    This channel will never get old lol! I love this guy!

  11. Aladin 7up says:

    Especially if you have kids and stuff


  12. Thy Dang Toan Bao says:

    is you fom viet nam?, i do!

  13. JohnC83 says:


  14. LeoM23 says:

    If you want really clear ice, do it with boiling water and than put it in
    the fridge.

  15. Jadarius Chaffin says:

    cool ?????????????

  16. X - M i c k - X says:

    6:05 – let it sit for a Meonute

  17. Yamileth Lopez says:


  18. Mathiz says:

    the only good thing about thanksgiving is the steamsale

  19. maxi hogh says:

    is someone living in your house or is it a ghost i can see in the
    background at 0:05

  20. tomy mcdonald says:

    whats thanksgiving