10 Things Roddy Ricch Can’t Live Without | GQ

10 Things Roddy Ricch Can’t Live Without | GQ

There are a few things Roddy Ricch can’t live without when he hits the road. From his Nike Jordan Retro 1S sneakers to his Cartier sunglasses, these are Roddy’s travel essentials.
Filmed on 2/25/20.

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10 Things Roddy Ricch Can’t Live Without | GQ

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93 Responses

  1. owen daboss says:

    Roddy needs to get on a joint with Kendrick

  2. imad ghazal says:

    If Pop Smoke did this too , one of his essentials would be an AF1’s

  3. Sean says:

    Whatever is happening to his eyes, I want them too. Perfect color

  4. mikah says:

    Roddy: This year is a good year…

    Me: *I have to strongly disagree with that*

  5. Andrei Lefter says:

    Notice how he didn’t say the box…

  6. Tby 103 says:

    Everybody gangsta till’ Roddy bust out the pineapple squares 😂

  7. N H says:

    Interviewer: What does that mean by a healthier choice?
    Roddy: It’s a healthier choice.

  8. _jahson says:

    “So if you want yo boyfriend to smell like me, go buy him some Creed for Christmas”

    -Roddy Ricch

  9. YDD SJV says:

    he’s a good dude, very humble confident in himself, when he said “I don’t gotta stunt” ik he was a real 1

  10. a.m.d360wave says:

    Just imagine:
    This guy put his whole arm in the rim

  11. Darlene P says:

    One of the new rappers that can actually speak full sentences and has fire music. He is going to be special.

  12. X Y says:

    every american wondering why everyone is waiting for the reaktionsboss

  13. Mathieu Sanders says:

    Roddy Ricch: I don’t gotta stunt
    Also Roddy Ricch: This watch costs $100K

  14. Jaden Uchiha says:

    Never knew Roddy Rich goes around smelling doctors and lawyers.

    You learn something new every day.

  15. Santiago Börner says:

    One day when he has a son and he gives him his roddy rich chain its gonna be pricelles

  16. Ethan Grajo says:

    Shoutout to everyone who listen to roddy ricch before “The Box”

  17. Kyle says:

    GQ title: 10 thongs Roddy can’t live without
    Roddy: Shows 10+ things he can’t live without

  18. Dabboy says:

    Ricch: “I smell like a doctor or a lawyer.”
    Report card: *”Boy if you don’t…!!”* ✋

  19. Zantanaworld says:

    He shouldn’t have said sum bout his everyday car . It’s crazy out here .

  20. justChris says:

    7:35 “I don’t like to carry around a lot of money because that’s a liability”. Roddy is a smart dude man. Does his own thing, keeps his head down and doesn’t try to flex.

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