10 Things YBN Cordae Can’t Live Without | GQ

10 Things YBN Cordae Can’t Live Without | GQ

When YBN Cordae hits the road, there are a few things he can’t live without. From African Leather Memo Paris Cologne and his beats headphones to his chest bag and passport, YBN Cordae shows us all his travel essentials.

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10 Things YBN Cordae Can’t Live Without | GQ

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87 Responses

  1. LeBeautiful says:

    Why Cordae gotta add his African Leather Cologne like it’s some Palmers Cocoa Butter ??? Ahh #TheLostBoy

  2. Noah Pagnozzi says:

    Those lost boy sneakers are fire.

  3. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    Like this if Cordae is the best member outta the Group??

  4. Tim Stock says:

    Homeboy really called his headphones hater blocker lmaooo

  5. Tannor Tollefsen-Saio says:

    No one:
    Zombies in black ops: 0:56

  6. Alexis James says:

    Why he put the cologne on like that ??

  7. mj600700 says:

    This guy is not just an upcoming rapper, he is an upcoming legend. He is really one in a billion

  8. LIL ABBAX says:

    Happy for Cordae who has been on his grind for so long.Hes humble and should keep making bangers

  9. unknown Player says:

    Me: Cordae is the best YBN member

    Cordae:You are correct my brotha

  10. You — Stic says:

    Puma shoe with all kind of colours at once

    Cordae : those easy to match

  11. Alice says:

    Cordae is like three times better than all other members of group combined. I really hope this young man will get to the top of rap game.

  12. Fruitz_999 says:

    Cordae is a grandma I swear lmao ❤️

  13. Gabe Dos Veces says:

    cordae needa write on college ruled notebooks, change ur life

    • Samaara says:

      @Anahí Kelly smh why u hating n replying to legit every comment -_- dummy no one asked n its unnecessary. Its ok for u to have ur own opinions but if u dont got anything nice or funny to say just dont say it coz tbh no one cares about ur opinion but its just a waste of space

    • Dende_XOOM says:

      Gabe Dos Veces yall niggas arguing over notebooks ??

    • Tro Ketchebachian says:


  14. Benjamin Estrada says:

    Without these ten items YBN Cordae would be a Lost Boy

  15. Native KING says:

    He called the movie Anchorman “weatherman 1” ???

  16. BigShata says:

    He rly out here pluggin his brand? no hate id do the same??

  17. Mehul says:

    Literally No one:
    Cordae: You Know wha I’m sayin

  18. Jay says:

    *pulls out a rainbow that goes on your feet*
    Cordae: this should be easy to match

  19. Dogy Meme says:

    How he’ 21?
    He looks like 16 no cap

  20. Reno Gardiner says:

    other rappers: I need all my expensive jewelery
    rich Brian: I like magnesium pills and rice
    cordae: I need my old money and toothbrush

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