10 Things You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

10 Things You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

The Zika virus is sweeping through the Americas at an alarming rate causing thousands of devastating birth defects and posing a risk to a whole generation.

With this mosquito borne virus being treated as a global public health emergency, AllTime10s brings you everything you need to know about the Zika virus.

Check out 10 Diseases That Will Kill You In A Day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjil6kbiwTg

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20 Responses

  1. Christopher Wilson says:

    10 worst withdrawals from different drugs

  2. Bass Dat says:

    Bibliography please?

  3. vizard202 says:

    This mosquito is why i like Asian girls?
    yellow fever?

  4. daNXT81 says:

    so there actually a link between zika & microcepaly. there is a correlation
    between the two but no cause. many central American countries have had zika
    outbreaks w/o microcepaly because it is now believed a strong pesticide
    used in the drinking water supplies of poverty stricken areas in S.
    American countries is the real culprit. The pesticide is used to kill
    mosquitoes nesting in those water reserves, but they have noticed that
    cases of microcepaly are mostly in the neighborhoods that the government
    has used a specific pesticide in their water supply.

  5. dadondutta says:

    i would of thought what the affects of the disease has on humans would of
    been on the list, not just the effects on babies

  6. EfrainQuezada says:

    Why don’t we just send a bunch of mosquitos to the Middle East? I guess
    breeding grounds would be problem. #BringHomeTheTroops

  7. Pyro Gamer says:

    Top 10 inventions from 2016

  8. SlayerFan961 says:

    This is just like Ebola – everyone seems to freak out at first, even those
    who live in completely safe countries, then a “cure” is developed, then the
    next disease comes and we all freak out again yadda yadda yadda.

    Show me something new.

  9. chanjot nanda says:

    Plot twist: The hosts of all time 10s are suffering from Zika borus

  10. George Kariuki says:

    Bill Gates, Monsato, the Rockefeller family and other world pharmaceuticals
    and families have the dangerous and evil idea of killing the world poor and
    reduce human population by any means necessary through new diseases,
    vaccines, and other terror activities of human genetic modification and
    GMOs. This could be influenced by satanic practices and racist ideologies

  11. Jayden Nash says:

    so sad

  12. Zudon says:

    Zika Blyat

  13. Naomi morestuff says:

    And in the beginning of the video I was relieved cause it is not on Asia.
    Oh wait it will be.. Let’s move to Australia. I’m from Israel. Yes it is in

  14. taavidude says:

    Well time to move to another galaxy.

  15. FlutterFin Gaming says:

    well fuck

  16. Queen del lux says:

    I’m out of this planet space here i come

  17. Joseph Elwell says:

    Interesting how you didn’t mention that the virus only stays in your blood
    for about a week, and that once you’ve had it your body is fairly resistant.

    There is only a documented risk to people who are currently pregnant, most
    of whom should probably not be flying across the world anyway…

    Comparing a chronic illness like HIV to zika is just scaremongering.

  18. Divine Linker says:

    Three big African exports: HIV, Ebola, Zika. Fuck you mother Africa very
    much. Just dont anymore…

  19. Peter Han says:

    It has not been proven that Zika causes microcephaly. Stop spreading

  20. абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш says:

    Number 1 thing is that it was made in laboratory and let out in poor
    communities as an instrument of the ongoing de-population of the Earth. You
    need proof for this claim? Where was Zika virus in the past couple of
    decades? Why is this virus not present in wealthy communities?