10 Tiny DIY Foods You Can ACTUALLY EAT!

10 Tiny DIY Foods You Can ACTUALLY EAT!

10 GIANT Foods You Can Actually Eat! ➡ https://youtu.be/C2XJ_Re7tsE
10 Tiny Foods You Can ACTUALLY EAT! ➡ https://youtu.be/SCEbRabohaw

Tiny foods is BACK!! ? Y’all loved the previous tiny DIY foods (and giant DIY foods) so we found even MORE tiny foods to experience with you! We’ll let you know if each tiny food is DOPE or NOPE, so grab a friend or family member, get comfortable, and enjoy experiencing this hilarious trend with us!

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31 Responses

  1. Dr. Catnip says:

    Tanner: “Oh, they have little dolphins on the side so we don’t get copy right claimed”
    Every Viewer: *looks at palm tree*

  2. DasCrafter says:

    Love you guys XD you crack me up. So I’m a sushi chef at a restaurant in Florida, and very often tourists don’t know the difference. Sushi can be raw or cooked, either baked or fried, and refers to the general plating of fish, veggies, rice, etc. SASHIMI is purely raw fish. No rice. NIGIRI is raw fish over a ball or line of rice, hand packed. MAKI is a sushi roll with the seaweed or seaweed substitute on the outside, and a ROLL or just a common sushi roll, is rolled with the guts, then seaweed, and rice on the outside. That’s the basics.

  3. Yuyang Xu says:

    What is this? Dinner for ants?

  4. T says:

    15:25 I was about to say a California roll has COOKED crab and avocado Mike. But < a minute later 16:05 they eat one, and then nobody says anything. Are you guys sure you live in Cali? XD 17:10 That is a shallot, which is like a tiny red onion. 17:16 All tiny veg starts small and grows to normal size. Pick it when it's small or ask someone in produce at your local store.

  5. TheUnholyOne says:

    I’ll never understand why people lose their minds over micro food.

  6. Ramy van salami says:

    Am i watching giant’s eat normal food????‍???‍⚖️??‍?

  7. Miles Parker says:

    I wonder if u can do sleep over product ???????

  8. Two_stars_away says:

    My daughter says you should show the process not just the eating

    • Ali Pearlman says:

      Two_stars_away or is it your an adult and watch this stuff and your daughter *cough cough* YOU wanna see the process but are too embarrassed to admit it

  9. Amber Thomas says:

    Congrats baby
    Baby daddy
    These are weird things to comment

  10. khazz33 says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Congrats Matthias and Amanda! Luna’s getting a little sibling! ☺️ CONGRATS BABY

  11. Lorelle says:

    I don’t see enough appreciation for Robert’s editing. So here’s another Robert appreciation comment. Loving the meme references

  12. Drapnut says:

    matthias[ hey dudes like tacos
    friend[ ye why not wait iths slamm your not our friend

  13. Dorota Cas says:

    Sushi fact! ;P
    Sushi is not a way of preparing fish / seafood, it’s a way of preparing rice 😛
    Hence there can be smoked / cooked fish in sushi and also it can be vegetarian.

    • Extremely Unearthly says:

      Also sashimi is just the thin cut slice of fish he was thinking of nigiri (the sashimi on the sticky rice)

  14. Unicornia 8188 says:

    Janitor: **finishes cleaning building**
    Matt: “MEGA DOOOPE”
    Janitor: **groans**

  15. Elan Neufeld says:

    YES ITS THAT EPISODE!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!

  16. Tyler Ardle says:

    Sushi is raw but there are some sushi’s that are cooked

  17. Market Monkey says:

    When he “clicked” buy now he actually subscribed XD

  18. MSF jalilthebest says:

    How is that edible!?

    Oh I watch the hole vid and they made it

  19. PopcicleCat says:

    Tanner: BTS The Kpop group

    Mat: no not them

    Me: Mat don’t discourage him from marketing like that

    (I would join but I have 20 cents in my wallet currently….)

  20. Rupali Sangra says:

    I really liked that ASMR by Tanner. Tanner you are great.

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