10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

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10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

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20 Responses

  1. Raven Michael Enumerables says:

    0:27 – Ryan’s intro had a starbucks coffee on the shelf.
    0:32 – Tori’s intro had an elders react logo at the back of the laptop
    Throughout the video, Labib’s table is white.

  2. graciela reyes says:

    the three differences are
    coffee cup 0:19
    elders react label 1:30
    white table 1:59

  3. Hyperopiate says:

    I love how all the eagle eyed searchers didn’t READ that you have to TWEET THE ANSWER.

  4. Arturo Gonzalez says:

    0:17 Starbucks cup
    0:31 Elders React / different computer
    0:43 The table’s color went from black to white

  5. Itz Track says:

    there is a Starbucks drink behind Ryan at the beginning
    2. Labib’s table is white and the others are black
    3. Tori’s laptop said Elders react

  6. Tijen Ozer says:

    6:03 Tori’s computer says Elders React
    0:20 There’s a Starbucks cup behind Ryan
    0:45 Labib’s table is white instead of grey and his computer is white

  7. KhadavionFury says:

    (Easter Eggs) 1. Tori’s laptop say’s Elder’s react/ 2. Labib’s table is a white table/ 3. There is a Starbucks coffee cup behind Ryan on the shelf

  8. Ashley Bradshaw says:

    The Starbucks coffee cup on the shelf
    Elder’s react sign on Tori’s laptop
    The table changes from black to white.

  9. Lamia MF says:

    1.starkbucks mug
    2. Elder react sticker on the laptop
    3 . The table is white

  10. Priscilla Casillas says:

    Tori’s laptop logo changes 3 times from REACT to Elder’s REACT!

  11. Jessica Wallace says:

    Elder’s React tag on Tori’s shot, White Table on Labib’s shot, and Starbucks Cup

  12. Verns Gaerlan says:

    0:15 Starbucks Cup – upper left
    0:30 Elders React Tag on the laptop
    0:42 White Table instead of Black

  13. Emily Tang says:

    1. Starbucks cup 0:15
    2. Elders react sign 5:37
    3. White Table 9:27

  14. Paige West says:

    1.Tori’s laptop has a ELDERS REACT sticker the others have a React sticker
    2. Labib’s table is white while the other others are black
    3. Ryan has a Starbucks cup in the background while the others don’t

  15. Jasmine Tobar says:

    Who else sees that the computer says elders react

  16. Zarul K says:

    Hahahahah i saw u guys changed the laptop label to elders react ?

  17. Super Notch says:

    1.Tori’s laptop has a elders react sticker the others have a React sticker
    2. Labib’s table is white while the other others are black
    3. Ryan has a Starbucks cup in the background while the others don’t

  18. Tania K says:

    Is no one going to say it? I will HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

  19. Jack Daly says:

    Starbucks, the color changing table and the laptops labeled with elders react

  20. Trevor Darling says:

    There’s a Starbucks cup on the shelf and disappears. The table changes from black to white. The backing on Tori’s laptop is different and is elders react

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