10 Upcoming Movies That Have Already P*ssed Everyone Off

10 Upcoming Movies That Have Already P*ssed Everyone Off

What does Loqueesha have in common with a live-action Disney remake? A horde of upset viewers.

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85 Responses

  1. Steven Colletti says:

    That first one bothers me. It’s a Batman universe. Usually the criminals are insane. Let’s not overthink it. I’m excited for the movie.

    • Yi kes says:

      Alejandro Villalba how does that sound SJW? That has nothing to do with SJW. He’d be a hero to people like him, making them do bad things too.

    • Quadira Holden says:

      I see your point, although I can see why people are peeved. It’s not so much that the film implies mental disability but how pop culture in general seems to suggest people with mental disabilities are inclined to be violent criminals.

    • Yuzavodik says:

      The thing is… The DCEU needs to think outside the box and should not always rely on the comic books. Don’t judge it just yet, maybe they’re going to take a new take on the new dceu since the new Batman would be Robert Pattinson. Also people criticized shazam! But the ratings it had were higher than captain marvel’s

  2. TennoMayCry says:

    Artemis Fowl is all wrong. Holly shouldn’t look like a child, and BUTLER IS SUPPOSED TO BE EURASIAN.

    • batnacks says:

      TennoMayCry Artemis seems to be really surprised by the fairy parts

    • CHASE FOSHAUG says:

      Not to mention making the fairies responsible for Artemis Sr’s disappearance erases the entire plot of the second book

    • Alena S. says:

      I think it’s one thing to change certain characters if it doesn’t matter too much to the story, or you simply change the story, but as far as I remember, weren’t their looks kind of important in the books?

  3. •L_• Nanni? says:

    1: joker
    Frl? I m pretty sure it’s more exciting then they really think it is… if it was Leto’s joker … Now I would understand people might be pissed:. I heard more pissed people about Leto then Joaquim

  4. Stereomonkeys says:

    Too politically correct for Lady and the Tramp I agree but Mulan? The characters are Asian, so they should be played by Asian actors /actresses, what’s the problem here?

  5. maniacal drop92 says:

    Some franchises just need stay in the past. Charlie’s Angels is one of them. They need to make more original idea’s and less remakes.

    • Saje Williams says:

      Westley Rage Take it from someone older than a minute, puppies… those movies were “okay.”

    • The Mockracy says:

      They could at least remake IP’s no one remembers anymore, or which weren’t all that big to begin with.

    • RachelTV says:

      They really do! We need new ideas.

    • maniacal drop92 says:

      Also when I say new ideas I don’t mean just change the race or sex of characters. That is so unoriginal and kinda lazy pandering.

    • Abby R says:

      maniacal drop92 I don’t mind remakes that modernize a classic but when you remake it to be politically correct and push weaker actresses to take over past male roles that makes me not want to see it. I’m a woman and I personally think the whole hollywood girl power move is total bs. Just make sure the acting is good, I don’t care about the gender

  6. Venemofthe888 says:

    Lady and the tramp live action ok what a silly idea

  7. Sharrief Lentz says:

    I’m excited about Joker personally and there is already a live action Mulan out because I have it even though its not Disney made

    • xc5647321 xc5647321 says:

      Joker seems to take a lot from Killing Joke and that is okay for me.

    • CatNadian says:

      If you talk about the chinese Mulan,i saw it,and its freaking good

    • Justin Eddy says:

      @CatNadian which pornstar is it?

    • Alena S. says:

      I totally forgot that movie existed, but I absolutely loved it! I am excited about the Joker movie as well, however I will certainly wait for a few reviews and critics of my choice, since the last movies of that realm were… let’s say underwhelming.

  8. Ahan Bhalla says:

    Someone hit up Thanos, tell him it’s his time.

  9. Megan Reed says:

    I still think they should have made Charlie’s Angels woke with an all male cast called Charlene’s Angels lol

    • Ran Wolf says:

      I had an idea for a black ops group, Charlie’s Demons

    • Paula Unger says:

      That would be utterly brilliant!

    • Paula Unger says:

      harunotodoroki If only it could, though. Men are as much victims of the patriarchy as women. But I’m inclined to think Hollywood is a pure trend-follower, desperately trying to cash in on whatever they think will part people from the most cash. They’re terrified of original ideas!

    • Logan Chellman says:

      Paula Unger “Men are as much of a victim of the *PATRIARCHY* as women” what LMAOO

  10. JUXE says:

    The joker movie? Pretty sure it’s become one of the most anticipated movie for most people from that incredible trailer

    • Bale Sahagun says:

      @Nichole scott I say wait till we watch it folks, I’m not saying to not have an opinion on it: it’s what I’m gonna do, I’ll wait till it comes out

    • Kyle Simmons says:

      @Brendan Mills Do you always get that upset when someone doesn’t want to see the same movie as you? Get over yourself. Only complete egotists think their “taste” is somehow better or more valid than anyone elses. You’re not important.

    • Brendan Mills says:

      @Kyle Simmons lol comes in and tries to be controversial and then gets defensive. You’re boring.

    • Orry Maine says:

      Well actually something he didn’t mention us that a lot if people are upset because the joker everyone likes for the most part is the one without an origin. Giving the joker an origin only ruins the deeper connection everyone is able to have cumulatively with the character.

    • Mohd Amerul Aidil says:

      More like Ronald McDonald origin movie

  11. Manolo Baffos says:

    There is a connection between criminality and mental instability in Joker. It’s the goddamn character, he IS insane, therefore he acts as a criminal. BECAUSE OF THE CHARACTER AND THE WAY HE WAS DESIGNED

    • nasni koledin says:

      That’s why some people have a problem with the what they’ve seen, seems like the movie is trying to connect the two when there is none. My problem is that I liked the joker’s past being mysterious it makes him an even better villain

    • HC DaVe says:


    • Hez says:

      @SilortheBlade Because there’s criminally insane, drooling in the corner insane and everything in between

  12. Marco Ludema says:

    I do respect the response Jeff Fowler gave to the Sonic outcry, though.

  13. Rick Lawton says:

    What pissing me of is the lack of original ideas…. Reboots… Live actions… Get an idea!

  14. Kid Digital says:

    Sonic pissed everyone (including me) off waaay before we saw that awful trailer.

    • CoolTrainer: VaultBoy-39 says:

      @gashthrasher v.2 people saw leaked promotional images of the design shortly after the teaser poster came out. Nothing changed between then and the official trailer release.

    • z a myers says:

      Pissed me off too!

    • Rocklynn Rosemary says:

      I think the reason for anger is because it just looks horrible. The graphics weren’t well made. Somethings aren’t meant for live action and should be left to either 2D or 3D animation.

    • Brian Rochette says:

      Somehow, they manage to capture and animate one of those cheap Sonic stuffed animal from a parking lot carnival.

  15. 360 Entertainment says:

    20 dollars says the new Mulan is just a ruse to appease the Rick and Morty show runners and bring back the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce!

  16. Joshua Parrott says:

    I’m excited for Mulan, but no Matt Damon please.

    • Steel Will says:

      @Gona Overhead that’s two different things, he was hired to teach the modern JAPANESE army how to fight using Fire Arms, after his unit was overrun he was takin prisoner by the samurai, and later taught the way of the samurai,

    • Paul Harrison says:

      @Gona Overhead You realize the last Samurai is 98% fiction. Non of that actually happened. Accept for the fact Americans did help modernize the Imperial Japanese Military the very same military that would ironically bomb pearl harbor. And there was a conflict between the Samurai and the Imperial Japanese forces and Imperial Japan won. Everything else in that film that wasn’t mentioned here did not happen. The REAL last Samurai was Saigo Takamori a very Japanese non western man.

    • Ran Wolf says:

      @Gona Overhead you obviously didn’t watch the movie

    • Ophion83 says:

      Yes, we all know that the Chinese had no help from any white people in defeating the alien space dragons

  17. rosenrot234 says:

    I’ll give the sonic movie credit. At least they’re gonna TRY and fix it. You don’t hear that happening often. Or how like mentioned in the video, they’re extending the release date so the team isn’t stressed out with crunch time. That’s oddly refreshing. Heck even one of the folks that worked on Detective Pikachu is helping them out which again is something you don’t usually see happen a lot between movie makers.

    • Alena S. says:

      I mean yes, but also… I don’t really see how a sonic movie could work, like how is that a sound premise? If anything you could make it a really basic kids movie, but it feels like they’re going for that nostalgia family feel and… I just don’t understand.

  18. Brian T says:

    Sonic don’t sniff blow but he is a speed junkie.

  19. Jeffrey Durfey says:

    I predict Charlie’s Angels will bomb big time. And get panned.

    • Hez says:

      @Infectedstyles It’s possible that it’s none of those things and it just a terrible movie….

    • danny sanchez says:

      @The Mockracy what if… Its just a bad movie? You dont have to be misogynistic to not like stewart. Also its going up against frozen 2.

    • sleazybtd says:

      No shit. How many people alive today even remember the original television series?

    • The Mockracy says:

      @danny sanchez I know that, you know that, and anyone else with half a brain cell intact knows that. But a certain vocal portion of the internet can’t comprehend it and chooses magical thinking over simple facts.

    • danny sanchez says:

      @The Mockracy you’re right about that.

  20. stormking989 says:

    *The rated R Joker film has more people excited than pissed off. Definitely an upgrade from Jared Leto’s version of the character.* ?

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