10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

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96 Responses

  1. dird89 says:

    You should give them a 3rd choice: highest average score
    Also you should change the order for the blind dates. I guess he knows they who they were, especially when girl #1 said she was girl #1

  2. Ian Meadows says:

    Wow Ed Sheeran must’ve done a serious workout

  3. Stonebridge BR says:


    Oh and Dora’s great too

  4. TurtleSwag says:

    I think after they rate the looks, jubilee should mix up the order in which he rates the personality because he could just remember the order.

    • Adrian Ghandtchi says:

      C. E. Maybe he didn’t know that she was the first one just the first one that is through the door to talk to him

    • Jordan Burton says:

      I’m pretty sure they mix it up, but in the editing they put it in the same order to not confuse the audience?

      But yeah if I’m incorrect I get your point. Tho I’m pretty sure they would be smart enough to do it that way.

    • Ella’s World says:

      TurtleSwag exactly I thought the same thing

    • Tabeta Wilson says:

      @Jeremy Wolf Totally agree. They should do a reversal, rate base on personality first, then appearance.

    • K T says:

      exactly at least he remembered the first and last ones

  5. SKRMZ says:

    ‘I like travelling alone’
    ‘oh me too’
    ‘We should totally travel alone, together’

  6. lann x says:

    I would have chosen the last girl for sure, I don’t particularly like that haircut either, but she’s so beautiful and she seems so nice

  7. Aiden A. says:

    Everyone’s complaining about his choice but the girl he chose had the highest combined score, a 16.5/20. So I think he chose correctly.

  8. Smart Cookie says:

    “maybe like 60-40, or 70-30, between those two”

    so like 65-35?

  9. Skinny Legend-Raini says:

    All the girls should’ve rated him at the end.?

  10. RAH says:

    Make them go out of order just in case they remember who’s in which place.

    • BloodHavik says:

      I think they edit it to be in order for our sake.

    • candysweet434 says:

      BloodHavik no they didn’t edit anything. they had the girls chat with him in the same order. he even said “hi girl number one” to the girl who he rated first in the lineup.

  11. BEEBADWEEB says:

    The guy: “I think personality matters the most because looks don’t last.”
    Also the same guy: “I want to meet the girl I rated highest in looks.”
    Me: … I am confusion

    • A. J. says:

      @Q Mof But he. didn’t. know. that. Lol the personality was tasted randomly and blindly so the girl could have easily been the 4 personality wise for all he knew. So he choose looks over personality. Period.

    • Nathonix says:

      @A. J. but he did know.. the girls from left to right were in order as well in the personality discussions

    • A. J. says:

      @Nathonix Absolutely not lol the producers already answered this question a million times. They edit the video in order to make sure the viewer doesn’t get confused but it’s totally random.

    • just a bystander says:

      He said he felt more energy with her

    • Nathonix says:

      @A. J. ahh i see

  12. joannaydg says:

    “I like a more natural look”
    The girl he picked had a full beat face ? falsies and everything

    • Expired Memes says:

      ყıƙɛ ʂ how does that make him/her a creep? He/she is just complimenting her, damn

    • Alexis Kasandra says:


    • JKRapids says:

      Guys don’t care about the “amount” of makeup, just like in this situation, he likes how a girl looks to be wearing minimal makeup whether she is or isn’t. Thats what he and most guys mean when they say “natural look”

    • Helen Hill says:

      @Haneen z 7:34 It’s not just the lipstick. Her eyeliner & eyeshadow are heavy & her eyebrows are thicker.
      The girl he chose 6:55 has mascara, thin liner, & yes her eyebrows are done but they’re not THICK. Typical that he doesn’t know the difference between natural & heavy makeup though.

    • Tima says:

      @JKRapids what most guys dont understand is that natural makeup looks actually require alot of makeup

  13. Kendra D says:

    That girl he rated a 6.5 was honestly a ten lol idk what he was thinking

  14. Asleep without a jumpsuit to fight my demons says:

    As a black woman i felt so bad for the two black girls’s physics (i know he has his tastes and i respect that ), i would never participate in something like that ,especially for my self esteem but i wish all of these girls know , they worth it and they can’t be defined with just a number ! Otherwise great video

  15. Tanj says:

    the indian girl was SO pretty how was her rating so low???

  16. Sash Pieterse says:

    like tf?? U knew it was gonna be her

  17. Love Me says:

    “I CARE MORE ABOUT PERSONALITY THAN LOOKS” is the type of person who picks looks. 10 times out of 10

    • Sunryzen says:

      “Looks can fade, but until then…” buddy was scared to death he was going to accidentally choose a girl he was physically unattracted to. Seems like a decent guy, but just not being honest.

    • just a bystander says:

      Not for me

  18. sweetcrazycocochick says:

    I’ve seen this guy on almost every YouTube dating show. I even remember his name that’s how often I see him.

  19. tishtash321 says:

    The taller black woman “was too tall” for him, but the Asian girl he rated a 7.5 is even taller than her. Ok buddy ?

    • Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it. says:

      J L but what’s wrong with that lol. he’s attracted to who he’s attracted to.

    • Softgrunge 1947 says:

      Shellina Musa exactly. I know a lot of black guys who don’t like black girls lol

    • Destinee Pierce says:

      Softgrunge that’s internalized colorism tho

    • PoutineProductions says:

      Perhaps he wasn’t interested in black women. He probably also didn’t want to offend anyone and did his best to be polite.

      My biracial crush wasn’t attracted to me because I am Hispanic. He tried to be nice but clearly he isn’t attracted to Hispanic women. He was more into European or Asian girls.

      Meanwhile I am not attracted to Indian men. Yeah I feel a little bit bad but that is my preference. Do I think they are ugly because they are Indian? No. I am just not interested in Indian guys. Although I do think the Indian girls are very attractive. I would probably date one if I wasn’t heterosexual.

      Anyway, is all of that racist? No. It’s not. There are PLENTY of people who deal with this too. It can suck for the person on the other end but there billions of people on this planet. Try again.

    • Sunryzen says:

      Too tall is the worst excuse I have ever heard. Nobody is going to look at someone with their ideal body, face, hairstyle and say “oh just a few inches too tall, not interested.”

  20. ctoits says:

    One of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve ever got was: you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the orchard… but someone can just not like peaches. Love yourself.

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