10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Girls Without Seeing Them

10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Girls Without Seeing Them

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70 Responses

  1. behamut92 says:

    This series is the closest I’ll get to actually get a match on Tinder!

  2. GodopeTZ says:

    One of the few firsts in here

  3. j0epark1 says:

    This is weird AF, but it’s pretty interesting lol

  4. j0epark1 says:

    4:50 was the most awkward moment maybe in all of history

  5. Shawn Wright says:

    I knew he was gonna pick Liz from the start

  6. socraftastic2000 says:

    He has such an easygoing personality and is so friendly and genuinely tries to have a convo.. basically a great guy for his video!

  7. Dalia Elfahim says:

    This was a lot less cringy than I thought it was going to be ;D

  8. William Garcia says:

    Cant wait for the female version to drop hahahaha

  9. Carly Wolfe says:

    I liked this version a lot better than the tinder in real life version!

  10. simplyreema says:

    this is going to be a good video hehe and he met molly burke UNFAIR BUT SO COOL AHHH

  11. Dreamvillian says:

    They matched so welll!! such a cool concept looks is such a big thing in today’s age. what really matters is personality and deep conversations with someone

  12. Gray Thexry says:

    How do you guys get more creative with every series lmao! Keep it up this shits interesting

  13. Rachel says:

    This setup reminds me of that icarly scene where gibby speed dates 3 girls with disguised voices and picks carly lmao

  14. Ruth says:

    I knew he was picking that girl from the beginning 🙂
    Cute! This was way less awkward than the Tinder in real life version. But, I did feel the cringe between the two on that one girl…y’all probably know who I’m talking about.

  15. Antoine Bandele says:

    It’ll be great if there was a dating app that started off with matching personalities (like in a blind date) but then with the second phase of swiping like with Tinder. And then you’re only matched with those who like your personality and your face.

    • Keep Walking says:

      YASSSS brilliant especially putting questions in there about sense of humor cuz I feel like if 2 people have the same kind of sense of humor they come a long way already

    • Michael Carnahan says:

      Antoine Bandele yes someone make this!! Enter general criteria (sexual orientation, race limitations, height limits etc…) then based on those random matches have a conversation where you can send pictures through the chat (if the person wants to reveal their identity)

    • Alastair Hewitt says:

      People need to bring back happenstance

    • joe schmoe says:


    • Dustin Ross says:

      Make it, lets see if it can compete with real dating apps with pictures LMAO

  16. Alejandra Rodrígues says:

    Jonathan makes such easy conversation?? I am so amazed this was so adorable

  17. spalerite •ᴥ• says:

    imagine how awkward this was without the music

  18. hangukhiphop says:

    0:35 What kind of sociopath loves to be called by telemarketers?!

  19. Mengpeng says:

    I was rooting for Liz. She had it all for him and tbh, I thought they sorta looked alike.

    • Kaitlyn Wright says:

      I wouldn’t want my SO to look like me lol

    • Kaitlyn Giles Swartz says:

      Fun fact… people will unintentionally choose partners or friends that look similar to themselves or people they are close to because it feels like a familiar face so you subconsciously feel more trusting and safer with said person.

      Obviously he didn’t know that cuz he couldnt see her but yeah… anyways…

    • Kaitlyn Wright says:

      +Kaitlyn Giles Swartz I know that, but I personally couldn’t date someone who looked like me. It would make me feel like I was dating a sibling.

    • William Black says:

      +Kaitlyn Wright So if you met a guy that was the perfect match but he looked like you, you would reject him? Sounds silly.

    • Mengpeng says:

      +Kaitlyn Wright lol I’ve met a girl back in HS who told me that, but I don’t mind it tbh. I’ve always thought it was cute especially for other people.

  20. Do GOOD Jonathan says:

    Me flirting: Hi, I do jumping jacks…lol Thank you to Jubilee for everything! You’re really helping me get out of my comfort zone 😀

    • Luke Skywalker says:

      you’d be kicking yourself after seeing yourself eliminate the better looking 3 and staying with the ugly 3 in the last round after watching the video lol

    • Anna Tairova says:

      Hi Jonathan! How things with Molly turned out? What video you did first? That or Joey`s?

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