10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

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75 Responses

  1. M Shann says:

    Yooooo that ending though thats messed up that’s so so sad why couldn’t she just be with Alex the

    • IRHasDiabetes911 says:

      At that point alex probably didn’t want to. No one with self-respect would go on a date with a girl who who only is asking the guy out because she just got rejected right after she just finished rejecting the guy.

  2. Foshawtyyyyyyy says:


    • Gr8 Incarnate says:

      She’s a pretty 18 year old that may be married and divorced with 3 kids by the time she’s 24. She’ll be ok.

  3. My channel says:

    She basically got click-baited

  4. Akaakaaka ak says:

    For people confused: he clearly doesn’t have a girlfriend, he just didn’t find her attractive.

  5. Ricalio Grant says:

    This is the biggest plot twist of 2019 and it hasn’t even started yet

  6. NuclearDucky says:

    um no sweetie i will not accept that end. pls bring her back that was unfair

  7. Naxtee says:

    Man this guy is already a politician, he changes the expectations real quick…

  8. Lbyrd Bchin says:

    He was ready to leave his girl if alexa was hotter lol

  9. Alexa Moreno says:

    these comments have me weak ?, i know i’m not ideally everyone’s type & that’s okay(: 3/10 guys had girlfriends (i actually met one of em) even though they wanted all single people, but regardless this was an amazing opportunity & i would totally do it again. loved working with you jubilee <3

    • Princess Leah says:

      girllll! i really love your response. i hope they put you again because you deserve a second chance! follow me on insta, @aaleahmarie

    • Germaine Ir says:

      Alexa Moreno you are beautiful girl….I would date you. I’m single so if you want you can deff HMU

    • Desilon Daniels says:

      Yeah, confused as hell why people think he said that because of your looks. You’re clearly good looking and, even if that were really the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to blow you off OFF CAMERA rather than do it on camera and look like a jerk? ?

      It seems like a lot of the participants in these videos are small-time actors and just sign up for these videos to get their faces out there and possibly add to their portfolios. Tyler, for example, has been in several videos and was on MTV’s Are You the One.

    • Bia Lourenço says:

      You are gorgeous, and you also have a great energy. By this video only i can see that you are a very kind person, you are beautiful inside out.

    • Gr8 Incarnate says:

      You’re hot, but tbh I think you’re too young to be focused on this stuff now. You have a lot ahead of you and (too) many real men to choose from. Take your time.

  10. monika says:

    I think he said that he had a girlfriend because he maybe didn’t like the way Alexa looked?? Like she was saying that he looked fine etc. and he just thanked her and didn’t compliment her…

  11. Natalie Jones says:

    yoooo when he said “weeeelllll i gotta girl” i though he was talking about alexa being his girl now lmao ?

  12. WOLF UNDERWOOD says:

    Imagine walking into a blind date elimination experiment and you get beaten by a guy in a relationship

    • Anseï De Gaetano says:

      well maybe that’s the reason he’s actually in a relationship 😛

    • Gr8 Incarnate says:

      That’s normal. Someone in a relationship obviously has something to offer than someone who’s not. Fact: Many women are attracted to married men rather than a single one. For them, it’s a sign that this man can be taken seriously for a relationship.

  13. Yus says:

    She was super chill you should bring her back, this wasnt fair

  14. FoRZ ClOuDz says:

    i wanted alex to win so bad

  15. Dee_V says:

    Joseph is the reason I don’t trust men, always playing games smh

    • muffin moon says:

      +Negative Ives to be fair some women wear wedding rings for safety!

    • Negative Ives says:

      +muffin moon I understand that, I really do, but it gives us nice guys a false sense of intention. It’s fine to wear one when your out and about, but not while your on an actual date. There needs to be some sort of disconnect.


      Wow if you’re judging a whole group of people based on a couple of males in this world maybe you should meet nicer guys believe me there are tons and tons and tons of them

    • Bena GD says:

      Try again sweety black men don’t cheat

    • Just S says:

      The wild “nice guys” emerge. “I mean I don’t care if a good enough sample of men have bothered, cheated or threatened women so much they feel the need to buy a wedding band to feel safe and secure, what about me, the nice guy! Wah wah” lol

  16. Clara Park says:

    I’m so confused…so Alexa got played, Joseph has a girlfriend, and Alex…loves planes

  17. baesic isabella says:

    i feel like the whole “i have a girl” thing might have been an excuse for not liking her looks, which is really sad if thats the case.

    • N Corp says:

      If this girl wasn’t up to his standards, he needs to look in the mirror. He’s OK. He’s no Idris Elba. They’re both on each other’s levels, so he needs to check himself.

    • EleMentaL Flux says:

      +Lucie Luz oh please, it’s much worse to lead a girl on into a relationship she thinks that you’re into as well and then just saying we’re better off friends

    • Eli M. says:

      Or he started not liking her when they were in the questioning part

    • taebootycall says:

      no he actually has a girl??

    • Purple Rose says:

      I just hope he didn’t lie. I’d rather hear “hey I don’t think this is going to work” than a lie. Not only is this more insulting, but you cannot keep them as friends. NOBODY wants to be surrounded by liars.

  18. Nesha Nirmala says:


  19. katherine m says:

    joseph will never be my president

  20. Chrissy Edits says:

    Ugh poor girl, she seemed so open minded and chill

    • Purple Rose says:

      At least I can say he’s been honest. The last guy I was seeing had a gf and I found out cause I investigated. But for a couple of months I was totally blinded. At least he told her the truth, and told his gf he was part of an experiment. A lot of dudes aren’t as transparent and faithful.

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