10 ways Android is just better

10 ways Android is just better

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71 Responses

  1. Gamingfish says:

    Linus: Speaking of freedom …
    Me waiting for a vpn advertisement

  2. Arunanshu Biswas says:

    Whenever I hear Linus telling ‘speaking of…’, I prepare myself for another ad promotion.

  3. MJ says:

    Been using android for almost 9 years now. And I still like it.

  4. Rishik Mourya says:

    U know what iOS could have been the best os for smartphones, but they just don’t care about what their customers really want. There is literally no iOS user out there who is hell satisfied with iOS.
    And also the pricing of iOS is just booty shattering

  5. Alex Zierhut says:

    This video is a new high … of Linus’s voice.

    (Just mentioning, not rating)

  6. J.K. Aravind says:

    Me: Chrome!
    Iphone: Safari!

    Me: Chrome!
    Iphone: Safari!

    Me: Android!
    Iphone: Saf…. Wait what??

    • MrAdeelAH says:

      To be fair though, on both phones you’re still using the default browser no matter what under the hood. Firefox on Android is a reskinned chrome and a reskinned safari on iOS.

    • J.K. Aravind says:

      +MrAdeelAH Agreed and also I just need Chrome, and when I click a link, I just need to see Chrome opening up and nothing else. I am a very simple person and thats all I want..

  7. Abhishek Survase says:

    When a Techtuber’s skit are better than Skit channels

  8. TomSerious says:

    The Microsoft Launcher is actually pretty awesome!!!

    • Harsh Singh Shandilya says:

      +matt cole ahah true that on the fact. Windows gets buggier and buggier with almost each update but surprisingly the launcher gets more stable and feature rich after each update ?

    • GAMINGwithXAN says:

      +Harsh Singh Shandilya
      is linux better & easier to make use of it?

    • Harsh Singh Shandilya says:

      +GAMINGwithXAN linux has its ups and down tbh. In the field of gaming Linux is still far behind and as well as in availibility of some of the mainstream proprietary softwares such as adobe, nitropdf and stuff but it’s still catching up. What Linux excels at is it could be run in mostly all the computer hardwares being it new or ancient. There are so many Linux based distros to choose from. It also has a wide variety of softwares to work with. I myself have 2 systems, one pc runs with windows because of occasional gaming and my main laptop runs with Linux. Linux tackles my everyday task with a brisk and its ideal for my development stuff tbh. Windows shits upon many times while executing and writing programmes in some cases and error logging is sometimes a nightmare in windows.

      For everyday use too if you get used to a Linux based distro it’s good and quite addictive tbh but word of advice my friend don’t go with the distros what people recommend all the time. Try for yourself the mainstream or some unknown ones and then settle on a distro.
      Currently I am using pop os that is based on ubuntu and it works like a charm because since I have a nvidia gpu it’s the only os that works with the latest nvidia drivers for my gpu that is 410.78 atm without any problem and all the hardware work perfectly.

    • Tyler says:

      I use MS launcher too. It integrates so well with my surface pro 6 and the rest of the Microsoft software ecosystem so that’s why I use it mainly.

    • A YouTuber says:

      Am probably going to use it on my next phone, just can’t be bothered to set up my home screen again a month before getting a new device where I am going to a higher resolution.

  9. Rafi says:

    4:21 linus… i swear i saw you done that in another videos a long time ago

  10. Pasha the Slav says:

    There is 2.2 thousand salty iphone users.
    I expected to see more.

    • Zesty Lobster Tail says:

      I think die-hard iPhone fans just won’t even click, I see some fair points but my preference lies with iOS, it suits my usage perfectly

    • That One Dude Hayd3n8tor says:

      Pasha the Slav I’m not salty Just looking at my types of phone I used for 6 years

  11. Sarah Andrea Royce says:

    You’d expect Youtube would show me the iPhone video somewhere in the preview, but no. The two killer features why I will never ever again use an iPhone bare they introduce another OS are not even mentioned (one was even obfuscated with that cable to desktop connection part). That is that android is able to integrate into a local file network (via WLAN) and you don’t even have to use a cable. Copy your files back and forth or just stream your MP3s directly from your PC, all no problem and pretty intuitiv with something like ES Explorer. Oh the horrors I’ve been through to get my files on the iPhone. Even bigger though is real multitasking. An RL example would be local D&D events. While I had iOS I had to use an iPhone for the player handbook, an iPad for the monster manual and a paper sheet (alternatively a third device) because if I switched between those apps they usually would use their states. On Android I still use three separate apps, but easily switch between them or even use two at once with said dual app mode. Only did that once, so far, though.

    • LRM12o8 says:

      True, local file streaming is really nice.
      You shouldn’t use ES Explorer any more, though. I loved that App, but it recently came out that it’s a MASSIVE SECURITY RISK. Basically, if you’re on a public LAN, it just takes two linux commands from any other device on that LAN to scan through your entire local storage. It’s leaving the front door and all the windows of you house open when you go on a two week vacation.

      More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S_9G-pazVs

  12. Fox says:

    What if you put all the useless apps in a folder on another page? Double recipe

  13. xigxog says:

    Only a few know who’s face the spit ended up on…

  14. Aither says:

    My useless app folder is named “icrap”. 😀

  15. Relax Radio says:

    Microsoft launcher is actually not bad tbh

  16. rihasanat rofolo says:

    4:21 he spits some shit out

  17. Thomas Santos says:

    Kinda shocked that widgets weren’t in this list. I always have a weather and clock widget on my home page, more so for aesthetics rather than information.

    • Partha Sarma says:

      I think widgets have become obsolete. I too loved the glass theme of the weather widgets but it has been long since I haven’t used them. They are now considered unnecessary and resource hungry luxury. And having a clock widget despite the notification bar constantly displaying a clock looks like overkill.

    • Thomas Santos says:

      +Partha Sarma I get it, but hence me using them for the look versus function. My battery life is usually enough to get me through the day anyhow. I’m also practically addicted to using KWGT’s personalized widgets, and I usually make a new set whenever I change wallpapers/themes.

    • Skooteh says:

      More than 3/4 of all my home screen space is widgets. I have 2 screens. One is my 2 email accounts I keep track of, my other screen is half google calendar, a 1×2 widget for weather and the rest is folders with various apps/shortcuts. I like my widgets.

    • Bass Trammel says:

      +Partha Sarma Weather widget saves my bacon, both me and my dog hates walking in the rain, so being able to tell what hour showers come makes his bladder survive. I check it when I set my alarm for the next morning, and again mid day so I know what to expect later in the evening. The Spotify widget is handy too, especially for skipping to the next track when I’m on the move.

    • LazyGeekgamer HD is dead channel says:

      Thomas Santos i use google widgets and music player widget

  18. Namo Fuad says:

    you forgot the one great and deal breaking point ….DOWNGRADING TO PREVIOUS FIRMWARES

  19. Jacob Fu says:

    Could you use Lastpass to login to your Lastpass account?

  20. Sarianrok says:

    I wish my Pro – Apple cousin could see this

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