10 Ways Unspeakable Pranks Preston!

10 Ways Unspeakable Pranks Preston!

10 Ways Unspeakable Pranks Preston!

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FaZe Rug – Asking YouTubers to Start FAKE Drama.. **shocking responses**


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54 Responses

  1. Preston says:


  2. 10K subs without any video challenge says:

    *I am actually seeing Preston more than my friends in these days*

  3. •Rubtiz• says:

    3:30 my brother did this to me i havent used my laptop in a week im totally getting revenge (im not joking i was literally miserable)

  4. Jokubas Ragainis says:

    Unspeakable: i seen the beginning of the video.
    Me: You made this video so you seen, know, everything.

  5. RyaRyaplayz Team unicorns says:

    Me : *listens to video*
    TV: I’m here to haut you with Spanish kids that never stop singing
    Also: me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😤😤

  6. Voltplayz says:

    Preston when you said did you P on my microphone that was so hilarious I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even breathe

  7. Rebi RBLX says:

    Who’s better:
    Like: Preston
    Comment: Unspeakable

  8. Tessa Adams says:

    Preston:Bro! That is not a spongy brownie!!

    Little does he know that it is a literal sponge…

  9. Beriistic says:

    “Preston is a wierd individual” LOL

    • mm351mm says:


    • yasmi fry says:

      Well I am a prank master so I’m pranking you preston but you know what I will save that for april fools so I will subscribe

  10. vivan Wadhwa says:

    Can we appreciate how Preston’s uploads himself getting pranked on his channel ..

  11. Brendan Sopp says:

    Unspeakable: who puts a mute button on the side of a remote
    Me: I do unspeakable I do.

  12. Austin Jensen says:

    And to this day he is still picking rice
    right out of his carpet

  13. Clare Leahy says:

    Do a preston vs unspeakable prank war this is how many people want to see it

  14. Julianna McDowell says:

    Preston doesn’t even know how to turn on his own fan lol 😂

    Eats “brownie”: what the frick is that

  15. Kid Gamerz says:

    Hey Preston what editing app do yo use I just started and need help editing my vids

  16. Lizplayz says:

    Unspeakable: Who the heck has a mute button on the side
    My remote: Am I a joke to you?

  17. Kevin Hernandez 8598 says:

    Preston You Should Get A Revenge On Unspeakable And You Should Prank Him Back

  18. Blueyes playz says:

    6:26 did any of you see Maddie in the background? Leave a like if u did!

  19. ix hobi says:

    No one:

    Not even the earth:

    Preston: Hwo do i turn the fan on?

  20. _official_ _Chris_ says:

    I like how unspeakable literally just helped himself inside prestons house 😂

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