10 Worst Business Decisions Of All Time

Turning down the most successful band in history and rejecting the chance of buy one of the world’s most important inventions are just two of the 10 worst business decisions of all time. Learn more with AllTime10s.

10 Best Kept Business Secrets In The World – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTWxGxmd1j8&list=UUGi_crMdUZnrcsvkCa8pt-g

Music = Victorious by Gareth Johnson

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20 Responses

  1. AfterLife BattleFront says:

    The Beatles!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Taylor Delorie says:

    10 Richest Living Actors 

  3. Sonan X says:

    Yahoo is worth 35 billion?

  4. Marcin Kralka says:

    what about, USA buying Alaska from Russia?

  5. David McMullan says:

    Coca cola could have bought Pepsi out back in the day.

  6. iamdb1990 says:

    loved the music… that’s all I got on that… thanks for reading lol

  7. ezad viper says:

    Imagine if someone patented the telephone

  8. CaptainRay says:

    What about that time I went with a milky way instead of a mars bar.


  9. Mohammed Gharbiya says:

    You should have added MySpace rejecting FACEBOOK- twice!!!

  10. SmellyWelshHobo says:

    New coke was the worst decision

  11. Lou Diamond says:

    Cause 350 billion isn’t better? lol

  12. Madus says:

    Ron Wayne never regret his decision to sell his 10% of Apple Computers Inc.
    Apple was a very small and unstable company at the time. He had already
    lost a lot in another company that went bancrupt.

  13. Pavel P says:

    10 Weirdest and mysterious sounds ever recorded or heard

  14. GCDarkGGG says:

    How to facepalm at famous people 10 times in 4 minutes.

  15. Karn Kaul says:

    You forgot IBM and Microsoft!

  16. Jesse Bwass says:

    For all we know, there’s a reason these things happened, and why they
    turned down the offers, or sold their shares. Maybe Blockbuster would’ve
    fucked up Netflix, and shit like that. Anyway, #3, fucking ouch. That would
    make me want to kill myself. Seriously though, dang. 

  17. EpiFender says:

    While I was watching this video, I was like “Where are the Beatles?” Then
    it was number 2. Lol.
    Decca: Yeah, we’re rejecting you because guitars are overrated nowadays.
    *2 years later*
    “Ladies and gentlemen, THE BEATLES!” *The 7.3 million audiences scream.
    Beatles FTW.

  18. Rakin Islam says:

    10 extraordinary people? 

  19. slickboyist says:

    I’m glad Yahoo rejected Google. They’re buying fucking everything and have
    since made YouTube an annoyance to use with its updates and Google+

  20. RoastBeefTaco says:

    Coca cola didn’t buy pepsi in the 50’s