10 Year BBQ

10 Year BBQ

A few people asked for a recap so here it is! New regular video soon.
Thanks so much to everyone who came including those who travelled so far to as well, to everyone who expressed interest in coming- hopefully we get to meet one day, to youtube, and to my friends and family who helped organise the day.
You guys rock my socks.
Here are the suppliers I used if you’re keen. All were paid, nothing is sponsored but just in case you were interested:
Catering- Pop Up Picnic/ Chilterns Catering who kindly put together a custom vegan menu
Silhouette Artist- Geoff Pearce who does events and weddings
Furniture – Event Hire Services
Audio – DJ Warehouse who we rented the speakers from
Venue – Lions Gate Lodge at the Royal Botanic Gardens
Cardigan- mum.

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20 Responses

  1. Oliver Anderson says:


  2. Robert Bigg says:

    I love how nats a vegan but not a dick about it. like, she only mentiones
    it when relevant. as in talking about bbqs or whatever. all vegans should
    be like that.

  3. MentalJack says:

    I’d of came but it’s a fucking long walk from WA.

  4. Brent Walter says:

    Nat you are too pure and good we don’t deserve you

  5. Steve and Jodi's Vlog says:

    Oh, probably because I don’t live in Australia 🙁 haha

  6. A AA says:

    Are people in Australia nicer than people in Canada

  7. AndyKhoi says:


  8. Audrie Au says:

    okay i swear im gonna move to australia so i can attend the 20th
    anniversary party

  9. Buzz Lightyear says:

    Why is everyone in the video so trendy and skinny? I would have stuck out
    like a sore thumb. D:

  10. Nosaiba Abakir says:

    Can you have a BBQ in Adelaide as well? make this into a tour

  11. Appy May says:

    This is the lamingtons video we’ve been waiting for.

  12. Ben Enne says:

    Wish I could’ve been there– No wait… interaction with strangers?…
    Just, just happy 10 years Nat ???!

  13. Angus Heriot says:

    Wait you mean the royal potanic garden is VIC

  14. BrOwN3yer0$eBUD says:

    I’m jealous of your boyfriend.

  15. Kenzo Qui says:

    It’s so nice this is her special! It’s greater than any Million special!

  16. sixstringedthing says:

    I rate your mum. And your Dad.
    Best wishes for 10 years Nat, GF and I are looking forward to many more
    vids where we can both crush over you and plan how we will whisk you away
    to our secret volcano lair. In a totally good, non-creepy way.

  17. Adam Quintana says:

    How did this video get dislikes?!

  18. Neceros says:

    Strange to force people to eat vegan.

  19. Youtube Universe says:

    The Title is so miss leading

  20. mekkk says:

    God damn it why don’t I live in Australia