$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

Playing a $100, a $700 and a $10,000 (yeah, you read that right) bass guitar in one solo.
Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment! 🙂

In this video I am playing a “Lindo” P-Bass, Fender Jazz Bass and a Fodera Emperor Deluxe.

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20 Responses

  1. Davie504 says:

    Which one is your favourite? 🙂

  2. lorenzo turi says:

    Very impressive…but can you play Tommy the cat by Primus with a cat?

  3. Yoshi On drugs says:

    Very impressive, but can you play schools out outside of your old school?

  4. Toa Calek says:

    Did you get the difference in the sound?Good, me neither.

  5. lorenzo turi says:

    Very impressive but can you play message in a bottle with a glass bottle (without breaking it!)

  6. Oscar Corriette says:

    Very impressive, but can you play “Buried Alive” while being buried alive?

  7. Leo Xing says:

    Very well, can you play under the bridge under a bridge?

  8. Samuel Bruguera says:

    Very expensive​… But what can you do with a 20,000$ bass?

  9. wyc94 says:

    Okay, 10.000$ sounds better, but sounds 9.900$ better?

  10. Miguel Henrique says:

    Very impressive, but can you play “Scorpions” with a scorpion?

  11. Endriu 5 says:

    Very impressive but can you play stairway to heaven while walking upstairs?

  12. Shub Niggurath says:

    Very impressive, but can you….

    Well, that’s it. Very impressive indeed.

  13. Pat Rick says:

    Very impressive… but can you give me $10,000?

  14. U Wot M8 says:

    Who is listening to this on a $10 headphone?

  15. Gaspy Kun says:

    *No matter the quality or the price*
    *Matter the hands*

  16. Kjetil Birkeland says:

    The 10.000 dollar bass actually sounds alot better, as it has a much “cleaner” bass sound to it. But for playing alot i think 700$ is better because its not 10.000 FRICKING DOLLARS to take care of!

  17. Kevin Zoid says:

    Not bad for a $100 guitar. You can’t beat the Fender Jazz Bass sound. The Lindo is sweet! My question would be how well the $100 stays in tune. Also how does each one feel to you?

  18. L Galicki says:

    Hi guys! I’m sorry for this kind of request, but it’s reality I hard to get a little time in the spotlight nowadays with so much cool content in the internet! ?

    I do full band covers and versions all by myself. Would you be so kind to watch something in my channel and thumb this comment up of you liked what you saw? Thank you! ??

  19. shutupand squat says:

    Very impressive but can you play “sucking your own dick” while sucking your own dick?

  20. Jared Turner says:

    Cool vid Davie, but cmon. Somewhat frustrating that every time you play a similar lick for the $100 and $700 then try to jazz it up on the $10,000 thus rendering the comparison impossible.

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