100 Days – [AFK Minecraft]

100 Days – [AFK Minecraft]

In this video, I, Luke TheNotable, will be AFK (Away From Keyboard) in Minecraft for 100 Days! It’s going to be an adventure, one standing still.

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder

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27 Responses

  1. RAYWALKS says:

    Luke is the only guy that can make me watch a single screen for 15 minutes

  2. CallMeRavenZ says:

    Luke is only person who can make an AFK video into a masterpiece
    (That red mushroom was staring at me)

  3. Antagonizing protagonist says:

    Please tell Mader that his thumbnails are absolutely amazing and incredibly notable. Also that red mushroom has been staring at me the whole time

  4. OR56 says:

    That red mushroom has been staring at me all day. Love your content Luke! You are the only man who could make 100 Days of nothing entertaining.

  5. Nicholas Samsa says:

    Luke is the only guy on YouTube that can make me watch a screen mindlessly for 15 minutes straight

  6. That Blanabs Guy says:

    I’m from the original salty springs video, and it really brings me joy that Luke still makes videos to this day by playing games he enjoys instead of purely what people want him to do, it’s safe to say i’ll always be a fan of LTN

  7. Mr Ducky says:

    I think it would be absolutely hilarious if we all collectively decided this will be Luke’s most liked video

  8. hyperblazeman says:

    Wow can we stop and apreciate the effort he puts into his game play. We need more creators like this who put there heart and soul into playing a game.

  9. EgirlPoke says:

    The best part about 100 days is that it really felt like to a return to 2011-2012 Minecraft. It focused on survival in a way only old Minecraft was, whereas today it’s more about resource management. Best mc series on YouTube

  10. CoolFool says:

    Like guys, appreciate the amount of work he’s put into this Minecraft world. This gameplay is one of a kind, amazing. Never seen such spectacular footage and effort.

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