100 Days – [Minecraft BADLANDS]

100 Days – [Minecraft BADLANDS]

Watch Luke TheNotable survive 100 Days in the Minecraft Badlands. All in HARDCORE Minecraft where 1 death means the world is deleted.

World Download – https://www.mediafire.com/file/884jegieh9n4ly9/100_Days_-_%255BMinecraft_Badlands%255D.rar/file

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder https://twitter.com/itsmaeder

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30 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    I have a new 100 Days next week so make sure to come back!

    I recorded these before 3000 Days and held them because I could tell that all my fans wanted was 3000 Days. I’m so glad to finally release them!!

    If you want to see the start of 4000 Days come back to my channel on December 16th 2022. I will be live streaming the first few days to celebrate the start! (I know I said Dec 15 in the tour video but I messed that up ooops)

    Stay Notable!!

    EDIT – Thank you for #1 Trending!!

  2. JeffGaming says:

    3000 days released not to long ago and he already coming out with more bangers🔥

  3. Senso_ultra says:

    Comparing this to the first 100 days video shows how much skill Luke has gotten throughout the years

  4. alyssa smith says:

    Gotta love that luke is still going strong with these 100 days videos

  5. krika1119 says:

    Pretty amazing how, upon starting the world it’s an absolute struggle to get the necessities we take for granted in Minecraft, but by Day 40, you’re growing your own village and have a steady food supply on top of that.

  6. DoodleBro says:

    i like the fact that he made over 10 times what he wanted in the first 5 minutes, it just seems so incredibly hilarious

  7. SQ (real) says:

    didn’t expect this, but now i want 100 days in the deep dark

  8. Eclipsed Moon says:

    I think these villagers are the best treated villagers Luke’s ever had. The ones who aren’t in the iron farm have actual unique names

  9. chicken_person says:

    Fun to see this, especially given that I started a beach-only hardcore world recently using the same method. It’s really interesting, since shipwrecks are my only source of wood, but bamboo makes sticks renewable.

  10. Beserker64 says:

    Legitimate 100 days youtubers are the best, thanks for putting in the extra work to make it authentic and 100x more entertaining.

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