100 Days – [Minecraft Pocket Edition]

100 Days – [Minecraft Pocket Edition]

In this video Luke TheNotable survives 100 Days in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Yes, he plays on his phone for 100 Days. Enjoy his finger burns and Minecraft madness.

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28 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    Want to see more Pocket?
    Use your phone to smash that LIKE button!
    Subscribing would be notable as well!

  2. Spyder says:

    This is truly a notable moment for the bedrock players!

  3. Micah Hill-Kennedy says:

    Luke the notable is a great role model teaching kids to move up in the world you have to exploit the helpless natives. Truly a lesson for the kids.👌

  4. Guillermo Caballero says:

    You should try 100 days in a limited world. Setting the world border to 100, 256, 512 etc. makes the game really fun with limited resources

  5. Hashtag FEEL THE RYTHM says:

    The story of Luke in this is an interesting one, he who settled a land doomed it to die brought the villagers to life, killed them with his knife slayer a dragon but not a beast

    Can’t wait for 200 days and btw you can play mobile with a controller

  6. Nathaniel Kim says:

    Luke thenotable-“oh no a baby zombie with armor how embarrassing it would be to die to them”

    Ph1lza- “Am I a joke to you?”

  7. Zombiehunter2.0 says:

    In the settings, there’s a button under the “touchscreen” tab, and it says “split controls”. Turn that on, and you’ll have the crosshairs

  8. Magnus_Caseus says:

    Honestly as a bedrock player, this made me so happy to watch you struggle through hard mode minecraft (which is the norm for me haha)

  9. Rblx Boss says:

    As a pocket edition player, I would love to see my favorite minecraft creator play more Minecraft pocket edition

    If you want to feel like you’re playing on java edition, I recommend going to settings > video > when you see the pocket, click it and change it to classic then it will look like you’re in java. Just in case, do this so you don’t need to put your finger on the middle of your screen and to help you see a little bit better at tablet, find the split control in settings and turn it on so you’ll have a crosshair

  10. hrmm_9 says:

    if you go to the world settings and are in the Game tab, when you scroll theres an option for show coordinates. also in the touch tab, you can turn on split controls so it would be easier to see the screen.

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