100 Days – [Minecraft Superflat]

100 Days – [Minecraft Superflat]

This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days – [Minecraft Superflat]

Please do not re-upload any of this content
Please make more 100 Days if you are inspired

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder

Editor – Tors

0:00 Day 1 – 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 – 30
8:39 Day 31 – 40
11:37 Day 41 – 50
14:32 Day 51 – 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100

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58 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    Have a notable day

  2. yattzz says:

    I’ve thought about playing survival on a super flat world before, i’m really happy Luke made this video!

  3. NiftySmith says:

    This challenge is the incarnation of pain condensed into a youtube

  4. Emma_GD says:

    This video in a nutshell

    – Robbery
    – Digging
    – Killing slimy bois
    – Murder
    – Repeat

  5. Ms. Kleinstein says:

    … Luke, are you ok? I can’t remember the last time you swore, and I’ve been here for a while now.

  6. Ast4rikk says:

    “They protested my new wall, so I killed them.”


  7. Tux Draws says:

    I like how he’s doing better in the first 100 days in super flat than he did in 300 days in normal hardcore

  8. WeaperYT says:

    Luke: “Everything you need”

    Me: Can I have my pc?

  9. theNoobAboveAll says:

    Luke: “some slimes tried to protest against my wall, so I killed them.”

    China: Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

  10. Muhammad Irfan says:

    You know that he’s been chopping trees like crazy when he got almost a stack of apples

  11. The Gman says:

    He died in his normal hardcore world and got banished to the slime fields

  12. Ed Garrett says:

    Luke:I’m building a wall no golems alowed

    Also luke:I figured out a way to get some iron just gotta wait

  13. WhippyTyler says:

    I actually started a hardcore world yesterday I was doing good but then my dumbass fell in some lava and burned to death

  14. Toxic M3n says:

    Luke : Killing “B****** on my land”
    Me : wait that’s illegal

  15. Madara Uchiha says:

    2040:” Surviving Minecraft for 100 days in Space”.

  16. TheAtomicBob says:

    “This is hardcore super flat, it’s not about vanity”

    Kinda sus ngl

  17. Blitz Gaming says:

    “Its solid and sturdy, unlike your grandma.”
    breh my grandma works out 69420 times a day check ur self bro

  18. Clear Conscience says:

    Luke: Hey look at this endless flat, this freedom where everything is wild

    Also Luke: Lets build some fences

  19. Sam Dalrymple says:

    Anybody: Nobody could survive in a flat world…
    LukeTN: *_Watch Me._*

  20. Hayden Productions says:

    Luke: “hey some netherrack”
    Me: “lol that’s uhh nether wart”

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