100 Days – [Minecraft with CHEATS]

100 Days – [Minecraft with CHEATS]

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In this video, Luke TheNotable plays 100 Days of Minecraft with Cheats enabled. Enabling cheats in the game will give anyone access to a huge amount of powerful new abilities. Nothing is safe, everything is notable.

World Download Link – https://www.mediafire.com/file/ghtwn363g29jwjl/100_Days_-_%255BCheats%255D.rar/file

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28 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    Hello, Please consider subscribing to my channel. 3000 Days will be coming soon!

  2. Dude Uncool says:

    I love how he waited to have his own skin before using cheats.

    Truly Notable

  3. Blockboyz says:

    Even what twists luke adds to the table, his mood and apperance makes it amazing.

  4. ConnorTheGamer5 says:

    honestly this is kinda poetic in a way, a being who spent days, weeks, months working his way to the top and then making full use of the recources he *earns* to make great constructions is suddenly granted infinite power, he immediately goes mad, revelling in being able to do things with a thought that would have previously taken him hours or days, he destroys peaceful civilisations on a whim and erects mansions in a second only to move on to the next thing that catches his fancy.
    Eventually he decides to construct a home to call his own, and he builds not a mansion or castle, but a small house on a river, a house made of valuable and unbreakable materials but a house nonetheless, he experiments with his powers, pushing their boundaries to see what he can automate for himself, he still regularly blows up villages but in this one area, near this one house on a river, he is calm, he finds limits to his powers, things they simply cannot do and things he is too naive in their usage to accomplish. Eventually he attempts a great monument of explosive firepower and, for once, is bested by the world, he flies too close to the explosion and it’s too much, he may have the power of a god, but he is a mortal, and there are some things he should not do, some limits he should not attempt to reach.
    He begins to bore of his powers, struggling to find meaning in a world where everything he had once worked so hard to build is suddenly pointless: his sprawling complex? his bustling towns? his beacons and armour and pets? what point would anything like that have when he has nothing to fear, nothing to fight, nothing to protect. He chases goals set out by the world, goals he could wish completed with a word, but goals he completes fairly. He seeks fun in following the lead of mortals that have retired, and it entertains him for a time, but soon he moves on. He creates a new town near his home, which is now filled with the results of his tinkering with the complexities of his powers, some more successful than others. This new town lives a life that is, compared to any other he has encountered, fairly normal. They are given a world without danger from the monsters of the night, protected by the man that gave them life from raiders that wish to do them harm.
    As he approaches the 100 day mark of his time, the man accepts the truth he has been running from all this time… even with all this unlimited power, all this freedom, all the recources in the world… he is bored. He decides on one final project, a machine that can truly, permanently, banish him from this new world he had been given, to force him back into the worlds he had left behind, the worlds where he had to work and struggle but the worlds where he was happy… on the final day, he stepped out into the garden of his home, and as rain began to fall, he pressed the button, and embraced oblivion… soon he would wake up in another world, perhaps an endless flat plane on which he had built a monument out of dirt, or maybe an endless maze of caves and mineshaft in which he struggled to survive, or even his home that he had built from a simple wooden shack to a sprawling complex, a true monument, one built through months of effort, creativity, and a simple desire to survive…

    thank you luke, for all the great content, and thank you the last 15 minutes of my life, for being spent writing this comment

  5. ViWi - Cover Channel says:

    Its kind of funny to me that Luke playing with cheats gave me more of that “childhood-minecraft-with-friends” vibes than actually plaing the game nowadays… Now im feeling really nostalgic, thanks

  6. Get V-Bucks With Patrícia Gaming Vlogs says:

    I don’t know if the L nose shape was on purpose or not, but still looks cursed…

  7. Papa Grape says:

    Anyone else think Luke should do 100 days amplified or 100 days creative with Tors???

  8. Sheep God says:

    Luke: “Don’t go to 8000 8000”
    Every single person downloading the world: *Ima pretend I didint see that*

  9. G'day says:

    that golf with a trident thing is actually genius and has the potential of being quite fun

    • G'day says:

      @Jackle tree really? damn i think i’m way behind the episodes then, still very creative and interesting

    • Jackle tree says:

      It’s a surprisingly common attraction! I believe mumbo jumbo, grian and Iskall played a game of trident golf in hermitcraft a while ago

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