100 Days – [Old Minecraft]

100 Days – [Old Minecraft]

Old Minecraft is quite a trip down memory lane and in this video, Luke TheNotable attempts to survive for 100 Days in Minecraft 1.0 in the notable hardcore mode. If he dies, his world is deleted. Will he survive? Yea, because he probably wouldn’t upload the video if he didn’t. Enjoy and stay notable!

World Download (Java Only) – https://www.mediafire.com/file/ju142ay9emhk4tb/100_Days_-_%255BOld_Minecraft%255D.rar/file

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23 Responses

  1. bruhify says:

    nostalgia at it’s finest

  2. Bribe says:

    I hope Luke updates the version each 100 days so we see his whole series with different versions of the game

  3. Codi Watson says:

    I have memories of the hunger bar hurting, also those textures.. lava, netherack, GRAVEL!

    Thanks, as always for this

  4. Dr. Mark says:

    God, old Minecraft is like one of the few time machines we have.

  5. XYZ Youtube says:

    6:01 before 1.6 you dismounted boats and minecarts by right clicking them. In 1.6 it was changed that you can no longer target the entity you are riding and that you dismount them with the sneak key.

  6. August Hoyt says:

    Tip: You mine all slabs with a pickaxe in old minecraft, no matter if it is wood or stone

  7. Boo Boss says:

    “Back in my day, we didn’t have the nether, we had to go out of our way to make nether core reactors.”

  8. ETHAN Smith says:

    Oddly enough I never really “watch” your videos I just listen to them while doing other things.Your a fantastic narrator Luke!

  9. TheR3alAcorn says:

    Does Anyone else think that it would be cool if Luke did 100 days in Minecraft VR? Because I personally love it and whenever my friends try it they always have a hilarious reaction!

  10. FastPots says:

    Can we honestly just appreciate how much effort Luke Thenotable puts into his videos

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