100 Games – [Minecraft Build Battles]

100 Games – [Minecraft Build Battles]

In this video, I play 100 Games of Build Battles in Minecraft. Watch me change from low-tier builder to master contractor in a short 100 Games! Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe if I earn it!

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30 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    I hope that you enjoyed this video enough to earn your subscription!
    Stay Notable!!

  2. Aidan Fairfull says:

    I’m a build battle veteran and your three tips are right on the Money, you need to be creative not only to win but to also enjoy yourself while playing.

  3. FnafBoi1987 says:

    you can see him slowly decenting into madness because of the other builds

  4. The bald cat says:

    I was once playing 2 person build battle where the theme was “Monument” so I built the Statue of Liberty while my ‘partner’ was being dead weight. After I got to the head I realized that I couldn’t finish it so I put a zombie head on the neck, and I won.

    • Dr Pepper says:

      This is 100% the most epic comment.

    • Cameron Braithwood says:

      I was playing duos with 3 friends and it rolled solar system, 1 of my friends was afk so his teamate did the entire build by themselves, and they won

  5. Franklin Clinton says:

    My pro tip is this:

    When building large structures like volcanos, waterfalls, castles etc. You want to make it against the wall. Then you only have to make one side of it which makes building a massive build with time for detailing possible

  6. Ace says:

    The pretty famished caterpillar deserves an Oscar for how original and beautiful it is

  7. Qecci says:

    Other players when they get a food prompt: Builds the food
    Luke: “Well, it worked in France.”

  8. Cake More cake says:

    “Sometimes being creative is pointless” wise words from a wise man

  9. Quirky Cube says:

    He puts so much effort into these videos…he started this in January. And it’s June. Keep up the good work 👍

  10. Jake Thar says:

    Maybe with the tennis court you should’ve the line dividing the rectangle and the two squares should’ve been moved towards the net a little. The service boxes always seem smaller than the base

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