Opening 100 gifts in 24 hours challenge..
This was the craziest day of my life

Check out my friends 🙂
Lexi Rivera @Alexa Rivera
Brent Rivera @Brent Rivera
Stokes Twins @Stokes Twins
Ben Azelart @Ben Azelart
Pierson Wodzynski @pierson
Lexi Hensler @Lexi Hensler
Katie Sigmond @Katie Sigmond
Andrew Davila @Andrew Davila
Mason Fulp @Mason Fulp
Dom Brack @Dominic Brack
Sofie Dossi @Sofie Dossi

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25 Responses

  1. Grayson Vereeke says:

    Merry Late Christmas 🎄 To You Too Jeremy!

  2. Melanie Castro says:

    Aww you definitely made so many people happy for the holidays God bless you Jeremy 🥹😍🙈🫶🏻❤️✨✨

  3. Ava Cuneo says:

    love how most of them were giving

  4. 🥑Avocados4Life🥑 says:

    Let’s just mention that Jeremy is always trying his hardest to entertain us. And he never fails. Keep up the good work Jeremy and maybe you’ll be meat Ben and Brent to 30 million! ❤🎉
    From Avacadoes 😅🥑

    Edit: Omg, thank you so much for the likes 🤪🥰😁🥑

  5. TD BRICKS says:

    You made so many people happy in this video! Major W bro

  6. Jericho Daroca says:

    been going through a lot lately, but this man always puts a smile on my face by posting such wonderful content! love you man!

  7. Emy peaps says:

    Jeremy is always ready to show kindness, even if it means doing somthing he doesnt wanna do!<3 Happy holiday Jeremy

  8. pebbles 4 says:

    I love the friendship Matt and Jeremy have 🥺❤️. Happy holidays everyone 🎄

  9. Michael Greenberg says:

    The Relatable Squad is one if not the most generous squads on Social Media.. Great Job Jeremy, Ben and the rest. Happy Holidays🍾🥂🎅🏼⛄️🔔🎁

  10. aestethic libra says:

    Let’s apprecaite what jeremy does for us. Thank you so much for entertaining us!

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