100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 3 – BASE BUILDING!

100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 3 – BASE BUILDING!

Grian surviving 100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore I am spending 100 hours in minecraft hardcore and trying to do all the minecraft things and still survive till the end, when do you think I will fail? This is a unique series where we have guests on to help out with difficult tasks.

There was a gap as I was away for a week skiing!


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28 Responses

  1. 2placename says:

    Im waiting that by the end of this, it still looks like a hermitcraft season with only 3 people.

  2. TheMiserableMunchlax says:

    Grain: I guess you can call me Skian.
    Also Grian: Shows a clip of himself nearly dying.

  3. Angry Viking says:

    Scar: “is he alive?”

    Grian: “unfortunately”

    Grian. That is COLD.
    I love it.

  4. VallieMC C says:

    Just a couple of mates goofing around in a minecraft world, this series is so wholesome and fun

    • Nosebleed de Groselha says:

      Agreed, I love it. It’s like a compact version of Hermicraft

      With 3000x more heart attacks! 🤠

  5. ZapRising says:

    hey just want to point out this series is EXTREMELY well made and enjoyable in a very special and unique way! thank you for the content 🙂

  6. Alphakenny1 says:

    I wish scar a nice and speedy recovery, can’t wait to see him comeback!

  7. Harper Reese says:

    scar saying “it’s not dead, i hear it – it’s still in my ears” is actually terrifying

  8. Herensica says:

    0:53 It’s a completely different series yet in the tradition of this server the words “Joel’s here” continues to harbor bad news.

  9. Earthlover says:

    I don’t know who’s trying to give me a heart attack more, Scar or Grian

  10. Max says:

    When he said “oh Joel’s here” I had flashbacks to mumbo saying the exact same thing in last life smp

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