100 Million Subscriber Livestream!

100 Million Subscriber Livestream!



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21 Responses

  1. FantaGuy says:

    What an inspiration, doing things for millions. Really deserved.

  2. Carnivore Gaming says:

    Best youtuber in my opinion!

  3. UNO Reverse Card says:

    I was at the stream, and I was so excited. Congrats Jimmy, you started with nothing and ended up Herr. Here’s to 💯 more!

  4. Tejpal Saran says:

    Congratulations 🥳
    I am a Indian

  5. Crazy Nundun says:

    Incredible Job! Can’t wait for the road to 200M. The 13 years he put into this was worth it!

  6. tuv says:

    seriously an inspiration to many

  7. Labrat says:

    You inspired all including me. No one deserves this than you. Congrats!!!

  8. BaconMaster0922 says:

    Millions of people probably won’t be able to experience this accomplishment. Jimmy has been an inspiration for all of us and to know he could do it we can do it too 🥳🥳

  9. Kwan8 _ says:

    Been watching since 7 million and has been a blast watching him grow

    Congrats Jimmy you deserve everything

  10. Kayeng Maria says:

    Congratulations, Jimmy! You are truly an inspiration to others, an amazing man and YouTube Content Creator I met in this lifetime. 😊

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