100 Movie Recommendations in One Minute

100 Movie Recommendations in One Minute

No sound today, sorry.

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  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Smart way to not get copyright striked 100 times. no need for sound.

    • Player Select - TerryB2 says:

      You can’t get a copyright strike for under 6 seconds. This having sound would not matter at all. Clearly you just don’t understand how copyright works on YT, which is fine, but it’s also obvious the real reason for no sound would be how jarring 1/2 second audio spikes from each scene would be

    • borderline says:

      @🌟 Wander the Nomad yes

    • Vulpilux Von Beaglestein CII. says:

      @Player Select – TerryB2, the companies, who hold the rights to all of these films don’t know how fair use works either or just ignore it, because Youtube obviously prioritizes Disney for example over a single creator. They don’t care, if you use their stuff as reference for something even if it’s very short, they’ll manually strike it down. Though it’s unlikely with this video, since these are recommendations.

    • Loss says:


    • James says:

      I was tripping so hard trying to figure out why my audio wasn’t working

  2. Kuncan Dastner says:

    I paid 40k a year for film school and this was better than all of that

    • LJ Matthews says:

      @Crittr I get why people say this but I don’t think it’s entirely true. As far as I know, there haven’t been any major filmmakers that got there start on YouTube. There definitely is merit to low budget filmmaking, and creating films specifically for YouTube, but if someone is looking to make high budget films I think film school is useful. But what do I know

    • Simon says:

      did you remember to also attend the classes or did you just pay up and forget about it?

    • LX BDK (If I don't reply check my acc description) says:

      That must’ve been one bad film school then.

    • Internet Hobo says:

      @1 Minute Music Where do they only charge 1k per year?

    • Drwakewalker says:

      it’s expensive yeah. i wish i could get something like that going. maybe after my graphic design school i can make it affordable. then i will make high quality entertainment about my designs.

  3. Ethan Maja says:

    The fact that dunkey is able to put out another masterpiece less than a month after the magnum opus that was “Donkey Kong December” proves that he truly is the best youtube

  4. Henry G says:

    Honestly really appreciate this and the few movie videos Dunkey’s done. I’m more into movies than games, and it’s really cool that from time to time Dunkey “promotes” classic cinema.

  5. Nick Hunter says:

    100 Movie Recommendations AND a minute of silence to honor our fallen Comrades ALL in just one video! That is that Dunkey efficiency that we all know and love

  6. Ahmed says:

    I feel so validated. Dunkey, you’re an amazing person with a clearly really good heart and I love your taste. I remember your video about video game critics and you are the critic I identify with the most and I thank you for being a voice for me on Youtube. I will commit to watching every single film on this list and I know that I’ll love them. I genuinely truly wish you a good life and love your channel. 0/5.

  7. Lord Lahmacun says:

    Thanks for the recommendations dunkey! I was looking forward to start a week long movie marathon and you posted this video just in time. Having watched your movie reviews, i trust your taste of cinema. Thanks again!

  8. qk jack says:

    My favs on the list have to be Blade Runner, The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Social Network, and Whiplash. Great list

  9. Jorell Echeverri says:

    I went into this video expecting a joke but this is legitimately a phenomenal list of films. All of these films are made by some of the greatest directors of all time and each are a top contender in their respective genres of film. Dunkey is a true connoisseur of cinema.

  10. Kurt Yarish says:

    Absolutely love how you edited and arranged this so the scenes flow cohesively in both visual and thematic ways. Well done, donkey-boi.

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