100 People Tell Us How Much Debt They Have | Keep It 100 | Cut

100 People Tell Us How Much Debt They Have | Keep It 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us How Much Debt They Have | Keep It 100 | Cut

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78 Responses

  1. Brian Sunbury says:

    $45,000 left of $60,000 in student loans, graduated a year ago, Makin my way!!

  2. Ema says:

    Wanna live the American dream?
    Nah thanks I’m okay

    • wanoman99 says:

      Not sure how it is in the US but the way the student loan works here in the UK is you only start to pay it back once you earn over a specific threshold of income, and it’s only a percentage of the money you earn OVER that threshold, so say the threshold is you have to earn over £24,000 and you earn £24,100, then you pay a percentage of £100. You have 30 years to pay it back before it’s basically forgotten about by the government. Easy.

    • TheSpyCBurrito says:

      +wanoman99 as long as your paying some amount of money its ok. If you don’t the amount will get sent to a collection agency where they try and collect the money from you. If you still don’t pay, they might try and deduct money from your taxes each year. Sometimes other debts you owe can also be collected this way but not all. It’s more like them trying to pressure you into paying something

    • Christian L says:

      Americans truly are the stupidest people on the planet. Their incompetency is so pitiful

    • wanoman99 says:

      +TheSpyCBurrito oh right that’s interesting, didn’t know that, that’s the thing with the UK system is the percentage you owe is automatically deducted from your salary as another tax, it’s good in the way you don’t have to think about paying it back but in a way your money instantly goes to paying it back without your decision if you get me.

  3. Maisy Ann says:

    This video comes out the day after i decide i want to attend university… This may be a sign?

    • dollores says:

      Don’t do it holy shit

    • Harleen Kaur says:

      DO ITTT!

    • Aaron Lawrence says:

      Debt is an investment in your future. If your degree makes money, it’s worth taking out debt for. The average college grad makes more than 2x the average high school grad. I owe $210,000 from law school, and I would absolutely do it again, because I’m gonna earn over $200,000 in salary every year. Don’t let debt scare you, because debt isn’t inherently bad. Debt you can’t pay off is bad, so just pick a degree that pays or pick a school with lower costs or good financial aid. I was a merit scholar in undergrad, went to Johns Hopkins for free.

    • K K says:

      Maisy Ann, if you choose a consistently high paying job and live in an area where there are lots of available jobs and you live within your means then the debt might be doable but if you choose a low-paying or moderately-paying job and accrue that much debt living it up, it’s hard to get out of debt for years or decades.

      Aaron, Debt isn’t an investment in your future; paying up front for what you can afford and managing your finances so that you owe noone is a better bet. (Maisy, search for Dave Ramsey speaking about student loans on Youtube). But if you need a college degree to obtain a license for a specific occupation, that’s a different story. (From personal experience).

      Lawyers and doctors are also notoriously in debt for school and live lifestyles where they keep up with the Joneses. (From the Millionaire Next Door).

  4. broke boy says:

    Balenciaga hat but can’t pay off her debt. Her priorities are straight.

  5. Tony Nguyen says:

    130,000 on school but felt like it was worth it. That makes me feel a little bit better bout the law school debt I’m gonna accrue.

    • Fat Ass says:

      If you can pay it off in the foreseeable future (10 years or under) and continue making money then it’s definitely worth it. People just get degrees in stuff like Asian Studies which might very well interest them but paying off a 130k loan with an Asian Studies degree is much harder than the same loan from law school.

    • 90 % says:

      +Fat Ass agreed lol. Depends on your level of education and what degree you do, some people never pay it off because they’re not able to find work or get a high salary.

    • Aaron Lawrence says:

      I owe $210,000 on law school right now, and I’m honestly not worried about it. My starting salary is gonna be almost $200,000. I know people who graduated with my level of debt and they all easily pay it in under 10 years, usually closer to 5, and one even paid it in 3 by being really aggressive about it.

    • 90 % says:

      +Aaron Lawrence yeah… Starting salary of 200k… Don’t make up lies on the Internet to feel good about yourself…

    • yDhal says:

      +90 % i think he means yearly

  6. Thila Camillo says:

    45k in medical debt for being depressed. Now most of my depression stems from my debt. Aha thanks America!

  7. camsimed says:

    USA, debt is like a religion or something for you ?

    “Medical debt”
    “Student debt”

    That’s normal according to you ?

    • Trivonn Williams says:

      +wonAWAY What else do you expect business men to do other than make money. They shouldn’t have to worry about people making dumb choices and giving them more money.

    • Luca O'Connell says:

      Well you say that but are you going to buy a house outright? Here in NZ I have $180k debt from buying my first home, are we all supposed to rent forever?

    • Benedikt T says:

      +Dom DeLiso yeah sure everyone is free to be rich, but dare you have less money than average you will be screwed.

    • Sisa M says:

      Dom DeLiso oh my god.. can u stop promoting your dumb sociopathic way of thinking everywhere in the comment section?? Just stfu, you’re not the wisest man on Earth. Stop speaking as if you are.. jeez.. what a sociopath

    • Anissa Yuliana says:

      Sisa M ikr, he made it sounds like he’s above everyone and owns them all. Wtf

  8. Kai says:

    $40,000+ student loans ?
    …so, who’s got a semi truck ??

    • MarketWill says:

      Student loan forgiveness day!

    • Alexander Gg says:

      Nashville Dude what about becoming a lawyer, a politician, working in business? A high proportion. have liberal arts degrees; many of whom get far more pay than scientists, who grind daily in labs or analytical work any brain dead person could do.

    • Cwhatic 29 says:

      Poveytia no. Have you seen medical bills. Health insurance is expensive and it only take one time to the ER and your in debt. I got bitten by a poisonous spider, got blood poisoning, and was loosing feeling of half of my body.With one day being in the ER and the amount of medicine i was going to have to take and took at the ER , totaled $4000. It would have been more but i told the doctors to discharge me. I was not going to stay another day in the hospital, even though the doctors told me to stay another day. That would mean more debt

  9. jonell f says:

    This just gave me so much anxiety.

  10. K-3wash-2848 says:

    I feel so lucky for studying in the university for free ???? I need to study harder now .

  11. STOP says:

    This video made me come to a conclusion that I will only use a credit card to buy myself food?

  12. Yasmin Bandzz says:

    “marrying rich” sounds like the plan right now because I’m not cut out for this student life

    • antonella says:

      Nadia Lanier And how would you know that she was dead add serious her comment sounded more like a joke to me stop taking everything so personally.

    • R.O.T.C SEEM says:

      Porn pays good, I’ll even support you by watching

    • Nadia Lanier says:

      @Antonella. Okay, Alright. You know best. Life is just a big joke.

    • Cedrick Martinez Reyes says:

      Sashaa Seitau always haha

    • Ay B says:

      “Student life” is overated. Move home and get a community college degree or go to trade school. And don’t let people.make you feel bad for it. They don’t pay your bills.

  13. Elena Tall says:

    This makes me realize even more that commuting to my university with in state tuition is the best thing I could have done

  14. Jonathan Acosta says:

    The fact that a lot of them said “Not much” after $5,000 shows just how numb and used to debt we are in the U.S.

    • Aks says:

      Dude every 2nd person in US has a debt, that’s why banks in US are leading banks

    • Anthony Brown says:

      Ikr, unreal, only people defending it here must be from the USA, as if 5-10k is ‘not much’ hahaha, your more than half the way to putting a deposit down on a house in the UK, and get your mortgage started with that amount. Love what someone said about Germany and how you would be looked at like a crazy person if you have a credit card with 5k debt to buy a TV/some meaningless shit. I feel the same here in the UK, not sure if many others do though, that ‘flashy’ lifestyle certainly exists here too unfortunately.

    • george C says:

      Jonathan Acosta surely university debts are loads more than that like I’ve only been there a year and on at least 15k

  15. Connor Dougherty says:

    One day, all of us will finish paying off our student debt…

    and then the robots will take our jobs.

  16. Jéssyca Azevedo says:

    Every time I watch this kind of content I remember how blessed I am for living in a country with public health care and wonderful public universities. I have chronic illness AND I’m a grad student.
    No debts, yay

    • Anthony Brown says:

      Amen! Imagine living in USA, American Dream? Hahaha no-one but Americans believe in that shit.

    • Jared Perez says:

      +Anthony Brown Lies, many foreigners believe it too(The American Dream), & try to come over to achieve it… Some make it, but many fail & get stuck believing some day they’ll claw their way out & finally make it…

    • Anthony Brown says:

      +Jared Perez so sad. But your right, then again, that’s mostly because those people don’t have much of an option in their country, and what is more globally wide known than the USA?

    • Ziggy Stardust says:

      Anthony Brown A lot of Americans don’t believe in the dream either. There’s a reason The Great Gatsby is part of many schools curriculums. I was TAUGHT that the dream doesn’t work.

  17. Kallemy F says:

    -7k in debt
    -Wants a house, cant get it because of the Debt.
    – wears a Balenciaga Cap.

  18. Sanskriti Gupta says:

    “How much debt do u have?”
    “None to mi- …Oh debt YikEs OH NO” LMAO?

  19. Sidayn R says:

    Interviewer: Whats your plan to paying it off?:
    4:15 Big man said eating ramen ????? True Inspiration

  20. xiRaZzi says:

    This video has made me realise how grateful I should be about the NHS

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