100 Years of Beauty: Aging | Cut Has A Field Day

100 Years of Beauty: Aging | Cut Has A Field Day

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If you had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future, how would you feel seeing the love of your life as a 90-year-old? Cut offered a young couple about to say their vows the unique chance to do just that by aging them over 60 years with incredibly life-like makeup and prosthetics. We dare you not to tear up as they fall in love again and again.

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20 Responses

  1. Lele says:

    that was gay af, only an idiot gets suckered into marriage

  2. A BC says:

    The internet is fucking stupid.

  3. Greg Letter says:

    Watch *star trek – the inner light*, at dailymotion. com

  4. C.A.Nav says:

    ok. I cried.

  5. Guanaco Selvado says:


  6. kerberospanzer says:

    Really, going for fake drama to gain views with noobs?

  7. komalthecoolk says:

    Very touching video! But the 70’s makeup was a bit too much probably.

  8. Joanna Dodge de Guerra says:

    Please make more of these videos with other couples. This is absolutely

  9. pary16 says:

    they did a fantastic job wow

  10. Jezdamayel Caster says:

    I do hope they have an update video to see if they aged that way :). This
    was so very sweet. I loved it. you could just tell how much they love each
    other <3. I feel there was even more love as the years went by .

  11. rick charles says:

    Wait until you have to deal with aging crap. Arthritis will blow your
    minds. You may get some other shit tossed in. Mine is Multiple Sclerosis
    which started on me at 29, now in upper 60s and use a wheelchair/scooter
    when out. Many friends have had to deal with some type of cancer. Good
    Lord! If you still smoke that will really mess you up. If you drive around
    with the stereo blaring you’ll start losing your hearing in late 30s or
    sooner and won’t be able to hear what most people says to you in late 40s,
    nothing in early 60s or sooner.
    Ummmm… remember the hot girls in high school? It’s strange what happens
    here. By mid to late 30s they’re ok but you’ll find the girls your own age
    are hotter. That will keep changing and you’ll continue liking them around
    your own age AND they’ll be wanting it more and more. Along that same line,
    the young ones will hold back and as they age, they learn stuff that you’ll
    enjoy. Keep your sex-life going as long as possible it does keep you
    Very important, find a gal who is fun to talk to, it makes things a lot
    easier in your future. Marry her because you really don’t want to be alone
    and finding one late makes it more difficult. Be careful early on while
    watching for mates. The girls that have that hot, exotic look can change
    from exotic to bizarre.
    That’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps you as you age. If
    you choose to ignore it, that’s ok but try to take notice of things along
    the way!

  12. Arthur M says:

    THIS IS WHY I INTERNET, when videos like this make me cry so many tears of
    joy. This is what makes the world balanced, smiles like these balance the
    good with evil

  13. izzy120391 says:

    I love this. :’)

  14. DeLeon Hughes says:

    So incredible!! Scary, yet insightful. Moved me to tears. Good video.

  15. Maysie Mouse says:

    this made me cry so much

  16. 郗夢蛟 says:

    You also have the old day

  17. demonface96 says:

    wow things got heavy man i was laughing and smiling because it was cute but
    things got real i wasnt ready

  18. Romero Mckay says:

    Make more of these please.

  19. Jake Swartzwelder says:


  20. vangomango says:

    raw emotions, no matter what happens in life there will be someone in your
    life you will be tethered to