100 Years of Beauty: Episode 14 – Americana Tattoo (Casey)

100 Years of Beauty: Episode 14 – Americana Tattoo (Casey)

Watch Casey get eleven tattoos, each tattoo representing a style from an iconic artist of that decade.

For licensing and media inquiries: rudy@cut.com

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com

Model – Casey Lubin
Tattoo Artist – Clae Welch (https://instagram.com/claewelch)
Ukulele Player – Skyler

Hiding Place by Kye Kye

Behind the scenes and high res images

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20 Responses

  1. KGP says:

    Lmao nope

  2. August K Ahuna Jr. says:

    Great work and looks like she sat like a trooper.

  3. Caroline Rollins says:

    Hay could you guys do 100 years of Israel Beauty because that wood be so
    cool to see the jews in the Muslims different fashions ??

  4. SIM LOVER says:

    the 1990 one is beautiful

  5. Shelby Gorka says:

    Seriously my favorite one yet

  6. Raphael Oliveira says:

    thats crazy

  7. ozlekosusturu says:

    Amazing project but the lighting in the scenes showing off her tattoos is
    just so bad.

  8. Joanny Panny says:

    that guys really good

  9. Servallover says:

    Awesome! Did Casey get to choose from any options? Or did you guys pick
    them all beforehand?

  10. Tj Samson says:

    Tattoos is now considered as an art now unlike before that people have
    tattoos considered as an criminal or else.

  11. Creatrix Tiara says:

    I wonder what 100 Years of Mendhi/Henna would look like.

    *volunteers self*

  12. maenadgaynad says:


  13. fr3shascanb says:

    oh man this is flippin’ awesome! Props to her, for making this huge

  14. Lp Pl says:

    2nd one is the best IMO.

  15. shingnosis says:

    That cat tattoo though… the rest are cool. Nice girl.

  16. Debbi Mathieu says:


  17. Swami Om says:

    She’s my little sister!!! She is so bad ass!

  18. Ella bowler says:


  19. Alliyah Nay says:

    This was awesome! I would do that, but I’m only 13 😛

  20. Harold Davidson says:

    I’m glad this was done as a “100 Years of Beauty” segment. One of the most
    attractive things that can be about a woman is a tattoo – a little one on a
    wrist, a large one across her hip, a message below her collarbone. A tattoo
    shows dedication, an artistic soul, and adds a bit of mystery. My wife has
    one across her hip and it drives me crazy to this day. Amazing work,
    WatchCut. :)