100 Years of Beauty – Episode 5: Mexico (Reyna)

100 Years of Beauty – Episode 5: Mexico (Reyna)

For licensing and media inquiries: mike@cut.com

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com

Reyna Marquez

Juel Bergholm – Hair (http://www.salonjuel.com/)
Katya Gudaeva – Makeup (http://www.katyagudaeva.com/)
Rhoya Selden – Research
Noah Martin – BTS

Thanks to Noe Guevara & Tracy Parker.

Feel It Tonight (Instrumental) – LGHT YRS

Behind the scenes and high res images:

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20 Responses

  1. Ashley Coffey says:

    What a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. :)

  2. Diana Gallardo says:

    This is beautiful!! thank you <3 :D

  3. Vivian Olascoaga says:

    Im so proud of being mexican 

  4. Campesino Gambino says:

    pretty pretty

  5. Ligia Castro says:


  6. MewTheIchigo says:

    Do 100 years of beauty England, I think it’d be beautiful! This video was
    really cool too!

  7. Maria de Jesus Castellon says:

    How about 100 years of Nicaraguan beauty? We’ve had some rich outlandish
    comical history

  8. Alessia Serratore says:

    Hi! Can you do Italy?

  9. elena mendiola says:

    YAY 😀 thanks for doing Mexico <3 loved it

  10. NimbleBlood says:

    Do men

  11. Victoria Andersen says:


  12. TheTrippleTKA says:

    Pan the camera down please!

  13. rochelimit's hangout says:

    Indonesia? Pretty please?

  14. gana drilan says:

    Please do a Filipino 100 years of beauty :).

  15. tomythefrenchie says:

    Please do France ^^

  16. Aja S says:

    India :)

  17. Alejandro Cordero says:

    Please do Puerto Rico :-)

  18. Maxx Mexx says:

    Las Reinas de Belleza más hermosas en la historia de la humanidad; son
    Mexicanas !

  19. Maxx Mexx says:

    México es el Jefe .

    Soliciten los videos de sus paises a su jefe..

  20. Alexandra Solano says:

    Mucha influencia de las novelas y películas mexicanas.