100 Years of Beauty – Episode 6: Philippines (April)

100 Years of Beauty – Episode 6: Philippines (April)

For licensing and media inquiries: mike@cut.com

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com

April Villanueva

Juel Bergholm – Hair (http://www.salonjuel.com/)
Katya Gudaeva – Makeup (http://www.katyagudaeva.com/)
Christopher Santo Domingo Chan – Research
Marina Taylor – Accessories

Jam Brothers – The Plain Ensemble

Behind the scenes and high res images:

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20 Responses

  1. Cristal Balaga says:

    the 1910 part did not really describe the beauty “trend” of Filipinas by
    that time. To think that the Philippines is already Hispanize by the
    Spaniard colonizers, i can conclude that having tattoos is not the trend.
    I’m a Filipina and I know some history lol

  2. Han Leyeon says:

    This person didnt know our culture or what since from the beginning. Ugh.
    Yep were asian, but its our culture my dear. Please do read our history and
    lets see who are wrong here.

  3. Francesca M says:

    Everyone looks amazing in the 30s.

  4. Pete McKay says:

    Liked the 1980’s the best.

  5. Novi Lorensia says:

    She’s so gorgeous!

  6. Winter Yeung says:

    cute but doesnt look like filipina to me…

  7. chompet123 says:

    She’s gorgeous on
    and 2000

  8. Carmen Hernandez says:

    You guys should do El Salvador!

  9. Ty Farmer says:

    Maybe do an Arab beauty one?

  10. Wilna T. says:

    WoW! Nice transformation!
    I wanna try it, too. ^_^

  11. Su Sherwin says:

    where is the version of China?

  12. LolPlove says:

    100 years of beauty CHINA

  13. TheJuanAndOnly says:

    Lebanese plz

  14. Heil Wolf says:

    This is wonderful.

  15. riptorn says:

    I feel like there’s supposed to be a Buddha shrine somewhere.

  16. Joshua Mendoza says:

    I would love to see a Cuban 100 years of beauty video hehehe

  17. Vanessa Perez says:

    Please try Peru or Puerto Rico

  18. Death Stroke says:

    Who else would cum inside her ass?

  19. RIchard Davidson says: