100 Youtuber Minecraft Battle Royale!

100 Youtuber Minecraft Battle Royale!

Donate To The Sarcoma Foundation in honor of Techno. https://www.curesarcoma.org/technoblade-tribute/
100% of the AdSense from this video will be donated to the Sarcoma Foundation.

Technoblade Never Dies.
RIP Technoblade 1999-2022.


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24 Responses

  1. MrBeast Gaming says:

    Rest In Peace Technoblade 1999-2022. We filmed this video in May of 2022 and worked hard to make this a good video and felt now is the right time to release it, the anniversary of his channel. I talked with Techno’s dad and got his blessing to post this video to raise awareness for the Sarcoma Foundation. 100% of the Ad revenue will get donated to the Sarcoma Foundation. Rest In Peace Techno, legends never die

  2. Yetr says:

    Hearing Techno’s voice again was a mixture between sadness and happiness. He really was a great person. Rest In Peace, Technoblade!

  3. Lunar_Eclipsa1026 says:

    It’s good to hear Techno’s voice in a new event one last time. May the legend rest in peace

  4. WyattW! [OFFICIAL] says:

    I know I wasn’t apart of this video, but I’m so glad you got so many creators to band together for this video. Rest in peace, Technoblade! You will never die in our hearts ❤

  5. dona says:

    I love how techno knows he was gonna leave, and he would always have a goal to make people laugh even in his last days, miss and love you techno!<333

  6. The Origami Genius says:

    The fact that I could recognise almost every Youtuber in this video is insane. Rest in peace Techno

  7. FitMC says:

    Glad we were all able to come together for this. RIP to the king

  8. NeoNiix says:

    It makes me happy that even a few months after he died people are still talking about raising awareness and donating to cancer research. Sometimes I’m scared he’ll be forgotten but a legend like him never will be

  9. Jeeva Jacob says:

    As an almost pediatric oncologist in NC, this was a great video Jimmy and a great cause to donate to. Jimmy I’d love to do something with you for the kids in the years to come. The kids in NC really love you and would love to be involved. Rest in Peace Technoblade

  10. CreativeCreationInvasion says:

    He will always be in our hearts. As he says, TECHNO NEVER DIES.

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