100 YouTubers sent me a Pokémon for a Nuzlocke

100 YouTubers sent me a Pokémon for a Nuzlocke

Thank you to all of the creators who gave me a good egg for this run… and for those of you who didn’t…
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➤ FizzMax: https://twitter.com/FizzMax_

➤ me (egg)

➤ Koro: http://twitter.com/wingedkoro

➤ Crystel: http://twitter.com/crystei

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47 Responses

  1. Jaiden Animations says:

    I cant believe you didn’t let friendly Rayquaza ball

  2. TheOdd1sOut says:

    I just get happy when I see Breloom 🙂 Was he a good addition to the team?

  3. Yutari says:

    So all in all, people submitted either:
    -A competitively viable Pokemon
    -A meme/weak/useless Pokemon for fun
    -Their barely hidden bestiality fetish

  4. Sophist says:

    Many people underestimate the creativity needed to make a mon’s ability Truant, only true geniuses understand just how funny it is

  5. Gengarzilla says:

    Compound Eyes Rotom sent by the guy who lost at Worlds off of his Rotom’s five consecutive Will-O-Wisp misses is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I love when there’s a story behind these.

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I feel like they should’ve given some better bad abilities to the trash mons. Like where’s the Hustle mons? Or Slow Start mons? Or Heavy Metal mons? Or Plus mons? Or Minus mons? Or Klutz mons? Or Run Away mons? Or Honey Gather mon with an item Jacob cannot remove? Or same thing but with Pickup? Or Illuminate mons?

    • GamePIN says:

      @Faye Squires ah figures, there was some little part in me that hoped that the guy running the bots was just enjoying some quality content

    • Carlos Albornoz says:

      Not even a single defeatist mon, like, that’s the best worst ability

    • Faye Squires says:

      @GamePIN Yeah a lot of these bots copy/paste actual users’ comments. This particular one is from @ASquared, and was posted a day before the bot copied it. The bot got much more likes obviously, because that is how the internet works.

    • GamePIN says:

      weirdest part is that it is a bot, I checked because this account specifically has been appearing on multiple videos i’ve watched in the last few days

    • Wiggle says:


  7. RTGame says:

    I’m glad levitating Mareep could be there for the adventure

  8. First Lastname says:

    “Is this pokemon holding an item?”

    “It doesn’t look like he is”

    This is so in character for Scott it’s hilarious

    • PKMN Researcher Skyler says:

      For real, I could metaphorically hear the volume jump in his (Scott’s) voice with the second response

  9. SemiHypercube says:

    So-called “freethinkers” when given the opportunity to give a Pokemon any ability they want:

    • Some Idiot says:

      I would’ve at least *tried* to be more creative. EG:

      Life Orb Double Edge Shedinja with Multiscale

      Any Pokémon with Belch as its only move and not holding a Berry

    • One Bear says:

      Agreed, I was surprised none chose stuff like Slow Start or Defeatist, there’s also Stall and Klutz too, and other abilities with no battle effects, e.g. Run Away, though it’ll be less interesting ig

    • Haravata Johann says:

      Seriously, couldn’t at least one of them have done my boy Regigigas a favour and given another mon Slow Start?

    • No Name Passerby A says:

      Because the other ones aren’t bad enough against “funny man”
      No Guard Shedninja is great though if it didn’t have any useful moves

  10. anthpo says:

    Sorry about the Amoogus 💔

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