1000 People Build 10 Countries!

1000 People Build 10 Countries!

Whichever team builds the best country gets $30,000! BUT only one person on the team wins all of the money, so watch this whole video to see which team wins and who gets the money!


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43 Responses

  1. USAirsoft says:

    I’d just start building the San Andreas map

  2. MrClips says:

    Tommy isn’t even 18 he shouldn’t be allowed to build his own country.

    • Littlewolfdrawz says:

      @pixelkevin so what? They do so they are allowed to spread their beliefs it’s not like their forcing anyone to believe anyone. Also it may not be catholic could be Christian to.

    • Littlewolfdrawz says:

      @Louiepikmin3 dude it’s not a cult, they was just saying something about what they believe how would you like it if someone started hating on your beliefs?

    • Littlewolfdrawz says:

      @xPick Poke oh really? The only idiot I see is the one who can’t understand that people have different beliefs. Don’t hate on others for their beliefs ok? You wouldn’t like it if someone came over and said that your beliefs and the person you believe in is an idiot would you?

    • Littlewolfdrawz says:

      @Evangelist John A men, sorry for all the hate that you’ve been getting about this comment.

    • Louiepikmin3 says:

      @Littlewolfdrawz Yeah sorry I thought they were talking about a different religion, one that is actually a cult. But still, people aren’t gonna join your religion if you just spam it in YouTube comment sections

  3. Gregar says:

    I dont even play minecraft but i enjoy watching this and pewds contents about minecraft

  4. Jack Griffiths says:

    Sapnap: * destroying everyone’s buildings
    That one kid: I’m unsubscribing

  5. Jaxon Lawrence says:

    Karl: this Patrick house build is insane. Me: puts down a stone block

    • Its_JackOffical says:

      You get dreams based on what you do and what actions you do and people who come back to life or are near death experience still have a functioning brain after death

    • Its_JackOffical says:

      If theres a heaven/hell then who has seen it and when and what experience they had

    • hanunija says:

      And what about the Ex-Occultists and Ex-Satanists? Search for John Ramirez testimony.

    • Its_JackOffical says:

      Some Christians are killed for their religion and that’s not good for other Christians,you do stuff just to satisfy your “God” by killing,Forced changing life styles and many more

    • hanunija says:

      Search for “heaven and hell testimony”

  6. Lucy Olivia says:

    karl just loved any building from a cartoon

  7. fatmat says:

    “You’re very chill for someone who just won thirty grand”
    You’re very chill for someone who just gave away thirty grand

    • memer lol says:

      Guys there is a secrett chanel of mrbeast
      Type this on search bar
      Chandler in mountain of money
      And you will see that a channel named “mrbeast 3 ” has uploaded it

  8. Mang0 Bytez says:

    Tommyinnit: “that would be rude and I’m not rude.”
    Also Tommyinnit: started the first war on the dream SMP

  9. TF Blockz says:

    Tommy literally learns from Technoblade and goes full Wither mode

  10. Luke Hudson says:

    Mr. Beasts most charitable donation would be giving Tommy a new mic

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