$1000 spent at my Favorite Steakhouse (108oz Wagyu + King Crab + more!!)

$1000 spent at my Favorite Steakhouse (108oz Wagyu + King Crab + more!!)

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My Most EXPENSIVE CHALLENGE to date!!! $1000 of food from my favorite Steakhouse in the Bay, Alexander’s Steakhouse. Really gonna miss having special dinners here… the food is so amazing…

Food List
$700 – 54oz Wagyu F1 Tomahawk Steaks (x2)
$186 – Onigara King Crab Legs (x3)
$48 – Hamachi Shots (x8)
$36 – Macarons (x12)
$16 – Truffled French Fries
$14 – Blistered Shishito Peppers
$10 – Fancy Fizzy Water


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40 Responses

  1. Master0fHyrule says:

    I’m so early to this video that dinner isn’t ready…

  2. Matt Stonie says:

    Get a Current Black Premium Card: https://www.current.com/mattstonie

  3. SoupRS says:

    why am I watching this on an empty stomach

  4. insurance coordinator says:

    *The fact that he is wearing a tie is dedication to the fancy*

  5. Adrian Zandi says:

    When he spilled his ponzu saus and said “and that’s why I don’t work at a fancy restaurant” no because you would eat everything at the fancy restaurant!!

  6. Paxonos says:

    He’s enjoying the food for the first time on camera, I am genuinely happy…

  7. Nathan T says:

    Holy shrimp he wasn’t kidding about the meat.

  8. Nissedal says:

    Matt Stonie: “I spent over $1000!”
    MrBeast: “First time?”

  9. DELTA says:

    I think This is the first time he’s enjoying the food instead of suffering

  10. أيوب حجي | Ayoub Hajji says:

    Wooow 😍❤️👑

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