$10,000 For Every Diamond!

$10,000 For Every Diamond!

We made a bunch of intense challenges for our subscribers to be a part of where they can win up to $10,000!


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46 Responses

  1. Zadies says:

    MrBeast is the type of guy to give you $10K for breaking a dirt block

  2. HawksNest says:

    30 seconds into the game and there’s already a new Minecraft speedrun category created

    “Fastest time to die”

  3. Whittaker Dilworth says:

    That first guy was so wholesome. Its nice to hear some speech without curse words for once… 🙂

  4. Jacob Kaminsky says:

    When he said 2 years ago when we did team trees my brain just went WHAT THAT WAS TWO YEARS AGO MORE LIKE 2 MONTHS AGO

  5. Pqnda says:

    Why was aiCat’s voice so soothing at the end

  6. Adriana Chechik Hot Vlogs! says:

    When mining diamonds in minecraft is an actual career opportunity

  7. Adriana Chechik Hot Vlogs! says:

    I really don’t feel like Chandler anymore.
    Chan: I still do feel like a Chandler

  8. / Siloa / says:

    Chandler: “Pick your head up”
    My mind: Chandler making a channel where people go if they lose a challenge and he comforts them because he knows how it feels.

  9. Khloe M says:

    Karl cheering for sap so like “go babe”

  10. MrBeast Gaming says:

    Sapnap gave all of the money that he won to the other contestant after the challenge! Twitter links below to let you all know that Rockzoo also received the money 🙂


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