$10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition Crushed By Magnets

$10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition Crushed By Magnets

What better way to put the 38mm 18k yellow gold Apple Watch Edition to use then to crush it with 2 powerful neodymium magnets equaling to 650 pounds of force!


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20 Responses

  1. Lam Larry says:

    $10,000 for a video 700,000 views. It means $10,000 take charge of $700 !
    What a bastard :/

  2. Dimitris Delitsikas says:


  3. The Qore says:

    he can still sell the gold…

  4. Mozumal Saleem says:

    This is the most satisfying thing I’ve seen in a while

  5. Olivier ABRIL says:

    F#### stupid ans useless

  6. Lyn Gordon says:


  7. E Lle says:

    Starving kids in Africa could have eaten those magnets 

  8. Hernandezedgar13 says:

    So can this be sent to my house or what?

  9. Toma Nema says:

    another idiots… earth to animals only, humans death

  10. JesseVlogsIt says:

    +Tarun Dham he gets money from views.

  11. fudo Kung says:

    Why you do that 

  12. iVortex YT says:

    Comment train right here


  13. bouxesas says:

    Apples in Africa could have eaten those children.

  14. JesseVlogsIt says:

    Hello +Techrax, your videos are awesome! :)

  15. user 123456 says:

    Well with 2M views you can buy another one … lol

  16. karvahanuri says:

    I read somewhere that you can buy the normal watch and send it to get gilt
    for something like 400 dollars.

  17. Ahmet Uygan says:

    Türkiye de bu saatten daha yok siz parçalayın amk

  18. Alessandro Marcheselli says:

    GREAT work my friend, that’s the end this little shit deserves !

  19. calum mahony says:

    Its clearly a fake apple watch 30 dollars at most

  20. Raymond Le says:

    U stupid dude why would u crush A $10,000 watch (waste of money)!!