100,000 Player Building Challenge!

100,000 Player Building Challenge!

Over 100,000 people participated in my week long building challenge!
The best build will receive the $50,000 grand prize!


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39 Responses

  1. Earl's Art says:

    That “I’m really happy” sounded like how I convince myself that it’s okay everytime I buy something expensive💀 HAHAHAHA congrats to leo tho

  2. skittle-chan says:

    Leo: wins the 50,000$
    Also him: “ok, that’s nice”

  3. Adywads says:

    Leo: “Im really happy”

    *Literally me after spending 2 years looking for ps5 and then finally getting it.*

  4. Redvines says:

    “okay, that’s nice”

  5. Military Update says:

    everything looks amazing, like 7 wonders gathered together

  6. Grinding cheeto says:

    Leo Becomes leader of the world also. Leo: “Ok that’s nice”

  7. Sam says:

    Wining Squid Game
    Leo: “ok, that’s nice”

  8. Andrew S says:

    Leo: “okay, that’s nice.”

    WISDOM 100

  9. Koke says:

    MrBeast is always putting out incredible content! keep it up Jimmy!

  10. Dark says:

    the person who won sounds really depressed

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