(1005) Brinks Combo (AVOID!!)

(1005) Brinks Combo (AVOID!!)

Many of you have emailed about the embedded watermark. I purchased a license several months ago from Envato. Purchase Date: 03/26/16. License #: 209835833, Item Purchase Code: 3949a7e1-5532-424f-812b-d00c57cf3912.


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20 Responses

  1. Chris Bärle says:

    Big facepalm for BRINKS…

  2. Randy Perkins says:

    Wow I thought Brinks was a little better than that.

  3. Pawn Junkie says:

    “Brinks stay out of the lock business” – bout died laughing at the quick remark

  4. Paul Edwards says:

    avoid all combos really.

  5. CodeRedPb says:

    Easy will that knife Bill, your package opening skills scare me.

  6. joseph crosby mecham says:

    I made Similar comment on Lock Picking Lawyer channel, “This is not a lock. This is a theatre prop designed to SIMULATE a lock’s APPEARANCE only. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this device be used to secure property of any kind as it provides NO substantial security. Repeat, THIS IS NOT A LOCK.”
    The fact that the manufacturer does not include this warning on the product packaging illustrates their gross lack of integrity and their huge contempt for the American consumer’s intelligence.

  7. voltare2amstereo says:

    it’s ‘LOCK’ enough to comply with your insurance company’s ‘did you secure it’ policy

  8. SmarterEveryDay says:

    DUDE. Solid video.

  9. zcribe says:

    There is a design too bad for Master?

  10. PompiTube says:

    What’s the song at the end? 😀

  11. Dave R says:

    glad you got 300k subs, getting big views. can you now pay the $5 for that audiojungle track in the beginning rather than steal it from the content creator? thanks

  12. E. Duncan says:

    wow! good job brinks

  13. DavidGX says:

    Wow, what a piece of shit lock lol. I think I’ll just avoid anything brinks makes to be sure.

  14. NefariousPorpoise says:

    I see you are a lot more skilled with locks than you are with basic boxcutter safety.

  15. Dxwhy says:

    Thx Bill! Keep up the good job!

  16. Sheldon Miller says:

    those who cannot remember the past are doomed to something something

  17. TexTLO says:

    yep, I’m an amateur lock picker and this one of the first locks I learned to pick. seriously, easiest lock to get into.

  18. janne manninen says:

    i dunno what it is but this is very professionally done video and u seem like a cool dude, subscribed

  19. paulotex19 says:

    Be careful with that box cutter! The sharp edge is facing your thumb when you open the package!

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