103 Years of Drag Queen Fashion | Vanity Fair

103 Years of Drag Queen Fashion | Vanity Fair

Explore the history of drag queens and how their fashion, makeup, and style has changed over the past 100 years, from the glamour-inspired, “passable” looks of the the 1940s, to the bolder, more sensational presentations of today.

Starring: Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Detox Icunt, Sutan Amrull (Raja), and Kim Chi.

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103 Years of Drag Queen Fashion | Vanity Fair

Director: Daniel Poler
Producer: David Minick
Production Coordinator: Janice Chen
Executive Producer: Rachel Samuels
Editor: Daniel Poler

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20 Responses

  1. Kody Salazar says:

    how does raja look like divine

  2. Rudi Woodward says:

    They should of done Sharon!!!! Out of all the drag race girls I think she
    had the biggest impact on the drag community aesthetic wise!!!

  3. hagglemyivan says:

    The makeup looks the same for half the looks. And since when was Divine
    known for slinky disco-wear??

  4. 6dazey9 says:

    No one can do the 80s like Detox can.

  5. Jimmy Mitchell says:

    Kim Chi is incredible, but her makeup didn’t fit in with her eras. It’s
    quite unique, which gives her a great advantage, but not for this
    presentation. Still, she was gorgeous here.

  6. Von Ray says:

    Raja’s RuPaul was pretty accurate.

  7. consaborakiwi says:

    Does anyone know the name of the track played during ‘Raven’s Look’ tried
    to find it even with Shazam and nothing showed up :C

  8. Gabriela V says:

    I just knew detox would do the 80’s

  9. iarina ioana says:

    that wasnt even a divine look lmao and kim chi just looks the same in every
    look . love em but rly?

  10. Tyler Lethersin says:

    They should also include the grunge scene of drag. Adore is showing that,
    but it’s like not talked about at all.

  11. Xiao “Aiden” Lou says:

    Surprised they didn’t use Jinx for the like 20s-40s era

  12. coffycup75 says:

    This was WONDERFUL, the only complaint I have is that Sylvester was the
    height of eleganza in the early 80’s and not included in this piece. I live
    for Bowie but that was a sentimental choice.

  13. Crackaveli D. says:

    I saw my baby Kim Chi and came right away

  14. Lisa Conrad says:

    Raja killed it!!!!!! Where’s Miss fame and Violet!!!

  15. andrelego99 says:


  16. MarMar828 says:

    Why didn’t Raja do all of them? She was there.

  17. calaftheeast says:

    RAVEN is truly the most influential drag queen among all these clowns. She
    really changed the face of drag in this day and age, and it will never go

  18. Alejandro Gonzalez says:

    Here just to dislike, c ya, faggots.

  19. matthew baker says:

    103 years of faggots looking like clowns.

  20. Truman Kelley says:

    Detox was perfect for 1980’s. That’s her normal drag look.