10/30/17: White House Press Briefing

10/30/17: White House Press Briefing

The White House

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25 Responses

  1. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    Based of who were the clients of Paul Manafort, he has a lot to say about the top Democrats and US – Ukraine relationship under the previous administration. Willingly or not, but Mueller with his investigation has dug up a very deep grave for the Democrats.

    P.S. It has begun: Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe

  2. hornetluca says:

    That lady seems to be always pissed.

  3. Pepe says:

    God Bless Sarah! Having to go in and babysit these “reporters” can only be done by a strong person.

  4. ShIrO NeKo says:

    How cute all you dumptards get so excited because she can some what read, let’s look at her Q and As seminars.

  5. Ali Hassan says:

    Her beer example is more confusing than the actual tax code of the United States

  6. Matt hew says:

    What the heck was with that strangely long word problem? I zoned out and forgot she was talking for a bit

  7. Hazmonk says:

    Only when Sarah tells the truth are her eyes perfectly aligned.

  8. Lee Hawks says:

    The BEST people, mind you.

  9. John B. says:

    Liberals have had a very bad day today. lol. What a whole bunch of nothing.

  10. voyeur2you says:

    My. 02 they are fast forwarding anything they need in place for their own benefit before things implode.

  11. Doe Bob says:

    ITT: Trump fanboys desperately cling onto his nutsack and stay in denial. More at 11.

  12. Mykill Myers says:

    the press is 95% leftist propagandists who ask questions based on lies to create a fake narrative

  13. MynameisBEYONDyourComprehension says:

    5:30 …that’s why you are here. Listen close you fools that think today meant anything.

  14. Steve J says:

    These damn asshole reporters should be asking questions about the Clinton’s. They are no focused on tearing down Trump. I hate so many of them I wish they were not even allowed into the room.

  15. Peachrules says:

    0:00 Oh, you can tell this is gonna be good shit.

  16. Larry Appleton says:

    Read the FBI report people. No evidence of collusion. It’s just full of survey results and data about tv/web coverage in Russia that show the Russians preferred Trump to Hilldawg. No hackers, no voting machines were infiltrated etc.

  17. Gerard Newell says:

    I have another analogy;
    rather than the 20 dollar discount, can we get better beer? I’m not a big fan of discount old style. I’ll even pay more to get some Corona in here.

  18. Michael1DT says:

    We love you Sarah! Stay strong and honest amongst all the liberal savages. Their end is near.

  19. Count Mervyn Graham says:

    Love to sit in the front row one day

  20. Kim Barndt says:

    your a joke it is not going to work like that!

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